7 Steps Retail Omni Channel Assessment

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There are just 7 answers to let you know the Omni-channel maturity of your organization. It is that simple!

Step 1: Roles and Responsibilities:
A clearly mandated Omni-channel strategy and vision that is articulated to employees, customers and stakeholders is the key.Who do you think is driving the Omni-channel strategy? A Chief Omni-channel Officer?
Do you have a central IT, merchandising and planning team for stores and digital channels?

Step 2 : Cross-channel customer transactions and history:
Customer touch-points (customer service, stores, digital channels) can provide a ‘do not have to repeat myself’ experience for customers. Do you have access to customer data across all the channels and touch points?

Step 3 : Digital offline personalization:
What happens when your offline customers goes digital? Do you identify them and personalize their experience? Digital channels can recognize an offline customer when he/she is shopping online to offer a personalized experiential shopping experience (e.g. Virtual Trial Room, Intelligent Live Chat assistance).

Step 4: Offline digital personalization:
Or the other way round, do you recognize your customers when they come in store and offer the kind of personalization that is digitally available? Stores can recognize an online customer in-store to offer a personalized experience (e.g. via a mobile app/ in-store kiosk)

Step 5: Real-time inventory access:
Do you have the technology enabled in the current infrastructure that merchandisers can access a centralized near-real-time view of products, prices and inventory across channels?

Step 6: Single view of customers:
Can Merchandisers, marketers and channel associates access a single view of customers across all channels.

Step 7: Customer experience:
Do your customers see “Perfect Order”/ Easy return option irrespective of channel. for e.g., buy online and
return in-store. or buy in-store return online?

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