Home automation and security system for Elders

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The system allows elderly people to automatically keep a check on all the necessary domestic equipments like the heater, gas stoves, fans, televisions etc… to identify whether they are switched on or off before exiting home. The system will also enable elderly people to secure access to entrance to their homes through back doors, front-doors, windows etc…


To implement the above system, all the equipment will send their on or off position to the central gateway station. This central gateway will be connected to the front door of the house. The front door, in turn, if locked from outside, will automatically update the gateway to collect all the status information in one go. This status information from various equipments and security entrances would be forwarded from the gateway to the registered mobile device of the home owner. The owner now can identify whether any of the devices are left on or off, or if any of the windows are left open. Additionally the system will allow the home owner to identify any burglary attempt by having a check on any effort to open the window from outside.


Each and every device to be tracked will be connected with a sensor, after which, these sensors will track the on or off status of the device. This status information will be sent to the central gateway, stationed inside the home premises. The central door will also host a sensor, which will act as a trigger for the central gateway. Locking the door form outside will act as a trigger for the central gateway. This trigger will initiate the status collection of gateway from all the devices. All the machine communication so far will be localized and do not need any telecom network intervention. All this communication can be carried out on wifi or Zigbee or RFID etc.. and also through wired line, i.e. the landline telephone or the power line. Once all the information is collected by the gateway, then gateway will send this status information to the mobile device only if there is some device or equipment in on state, if all the devices are off, then no communication between the device and gateway will take place. This communication between the gateway and mobile device will be carried out on the GSM network.






Hardware requirements

  • Sensors for all the devices to tracked
  • Trigger module for door
  • GSM module for GATEWAY


  • Implementation complexity: as all the sensors need to communicate on a single technology
  • Trigger module: such modules are not readily available

Indian scenario

We feel that that the system can be easily implemented in India, as no new network deployment from operators side is required. Also, the total cost of implementing such a system is manageable. The sensors required for its implementation are very easily available. What’s more, the GSM module used for tracking solution can be used for sending the on-off status on the mobile network. Only the trigger module can create some problem, mainly because such a module is currently not available.

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