Social engagement at enterprise levels – whats next for email?


Personally, people are very active and all over social media through a plethora of channels. It is now an integral part of individual social lives. Whereas, adoption of enterprise social platforms is still very slow across industries. Though there are several well-known enterprise social platforms such as Chatter, tibbr, Yammer, Socialcast, Jive Software and so on, enterprises still hold on to email clients for overall social exchange. In spite of a huge opportunity hiding within, enterprise social platforms remain to be in nascent stages for far too long. While there is a lot of buzz around moving away from emails and making enterprise social platform mandatory – the idea remains to be easier said than done. It is difficult to make people move away from a practice they are well – accustomed to.
We can give an analogy here – adoption of mobile phones and their transformation to smart phones. It is about making people aware of the convenience and benefits of a more advanced option while keeping close to the acquainted systems. In this context, perhaps transforming email client itself to a social platform is a good idea which will allow people to easily adopt to while reaping the multiple benefits of a socially engaged workforce. Many organizations have a tab on the usage of social media channels at the workplace. Employees of these companies are mostly found to be connecting with their colleagues out of office over wider social channels. Imagine the fire power on the boring email application when it gets socially more active, with people collaborating, sharing ideas, developing professional relationships better through emails!
Jive Software has made some headway in this direction. Microsoft Outlook Social Connector is also designed with a similar intention and has worked very well to their benefit. This is an experience that companies need to see for themselves – cool insights, personal interactivity and the joys of social networking on emails at the workplace can really be an awesome thing to look forward to! Very soon we would see every Happiest Minds collaborating on such an integrated platform.

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