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Social media is abuzz with customers feeding information on travel. Whatever the form of travel – business, personal or pleasure – there is hardly a customer who doesn’t refer to social channels before deciding on their journey mode and format. But this is old news. Travel businesses have already made their presence felt on social media. There are thousands of campaigns running on Facebook or Twitter around the best airlines, best places to visit and so on. Blogs and travel websites are full of ratings, reviews and options on everything related to travel.

So where is the opportunity here? The answer is Analytics. With an extremely vociferous customer base, travel companies are faced with an explosion of information. This is giving rise to the great responsibility of crunching the information, analyzing them and extracting actionable insights that help making good use of this information to achieve business objectives. Effective analytics and the insights gained from that can help travel cos get really up and close with customers, fulfilling their business objectives. It’s like this – an American airline operator flying through Middle Eastern countries begins to offer dates as a welcome snack to passengers. Now that’s called a useful information that helps the business achieve customer delight.

So, here are some smart tips on getting the best out of Social Media Analytics:

  • Are your social media campaigns aligned with business goals? If not, then what’s the point and how would you measure? It is important that every campaign makes some direct business sense that can also be measured accordingly.
  • If you are very excited to get 100 likes on a particular Facebook post you just created – hold on to the horses. The number of likes or followers is not your treasure trove. How much is it converting into business, is what you should really ask.
  • Reporting should provide valuable and actionable insights. If they are not, better revisit the metrics.
  • Tailor your future campaigns and messaging based on the insights thrown up by the Analytics tool. For all you know, you might be in for some big surprise.

Above all, it is important to note that the most applicable principle is that of “less is more”. When options are endless, it is important to ensure that the focus is only and only on the overall business objectives. That implies to streamlining campaigns, choosing a selective portfolio of analytics tools and filtering the most opportune conversations. With opportunities aplenty, there are more chances of running into waste.

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