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Real Time Store Monitoring

Retail in-store monitoring is a significant way of creating a much better retail in- store selling experience. It enables retailers in finding meaningful insights based on the analysis of data on customer........

Cyber Threat Intelligence

In this age of advanced persistent threats, zero day attacks and advanced malware attacks, Threat intelligence is one of the key focus areas in the information security landscape...

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is one of the hot topics that IT industry is hovering around these days. We know what the word ‘Intelligence’ concerns about...

Cyber Risk

Cyber Risk is any kind of risk to finances, reputation or information technology systems of an organization because of the various cyber threats nesting in the world of digital technologies, devices and interconnectivity.

Smart Parking

Fishing for a parking space is a routine activity and it is estimated that nearly 30% of urban congestion is created by drivers cruising for parking space, according to ITS America’s Market Analysis.

Industrial IOT

Internet of Things no more needs any introduction. When these IoT capabilities are implemented in the Industrial and Manufacturing space, it becomes Industrial IoT. This technology is an amalgamation of different technologies like machine learning, big data, sensor data, M2M…

Database Migration

The ideal ingredient for a perfect Extract-and- Load process would be to capitalize on your automation investments through different tools. This would make the process extre mely efficient for you and your organization.

Market Place of Everything

We have all heard of the examples of AirBnB and Uber as the leading lights of the brave new world of sharing, but this is just the tip of the iceberg – The sharing economy is poised to explode to…


DevOps (Development Operations), an extension of agile methodology, bridges the Development team and the Operations team in an IT organization, to ensure that the software is operable and maintainable in the production environment as and when it needs to be…

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