Services to Device Manufacturers (OEMs)

The growing convergence and compactness of mobility, social, analytics and cloud are the key drivers of today’s Smart embedded systems’ landscape across domains. While these disruptive technologies are heralding exciting changes, at the same time, they introduce a host of new challenges to OEMs in particular. OEMs today are finding it increasingly hard to keep pace with ever-changing consumer needs, falling prices, stringent timelines and increasing competition. They are constantly under pressure to innovate and devise new strategies to reduce costs while retaining a competitive edge in today’s marketplace. At Happiest Minds, we aim to help our customers challenge the status quo through innovative and out of the box approaches, and enabling new markets. To address these unique challenges, we partner with our OEM customers to create engineering solutions that are high quality, cost-effective and most importantly, meet end-customer demands for innovation. Our services for OEMs include the following:

  • Complete end-to-end development, from design specifics to realization
  • Product re-engineering, porting on multiple platforms and OS, integration of COTS & FOSS packages
  • Product testing - with specialization in Automation, Performance, Security, Usability, Functional, Integration and complete end-to-end system testing
  • Post development maintenance, support, sustenance engineering
  • Professional services for customers’ products, platforms and solutions
  • Specialized services
  • Enabling device companies to move to a cloud environment
  • Mobility enablement of device including usability needs and integrated management through web and mobile
  • High-end analytics, dashboards and Big Data analysis. Also entails a complete strategy around device analytics and processing real time data from devices
  • Enabling devices to be connected in the Internet of Things /M2M
  • Performance& security engineering and testing