Services to Semicon Companies

Today chips are at the heart of everything we use – from mobile devices to massive data centers. These chips are among the most complex devices, requiring advanced manufacturing technology. However, in recent times there has been a growing uncertainty over the sustainability of the industry with falling prices amidst competition, despite heavy investments. Moreover, consumers are demanding chips that deliver faster speeds and greater capacity. As an established domain expert, our customers rely on Happiest Minds to create smart products in a cost effective and timely manner. We leverage disruptive technologies like cloud, mobile, social and analytics to deliver complete and comprehensive embedded solutions for chip companies. Our services for Semi Companies include the following:

  • VLSI design and validation services
  • Reference design / prototypes. Development and testing of advanced reference solutions and POCs
  • Porting Stacks (both commercial /open source) on platforms
  • Post Architecture Validations
  • Supporting end customers in complete design and development of end products
  • Development, Testing and sustenance of SDK
  • FPGA design, DSP algorithms and optimizations