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DataAccel Unified Analytics Platform Happiest Minds – Big Data platform (DataAccel) is responsible for storing and analyzing all your data and events such that they can be retrieved on demand at the right time and on the right device. DataAccel’s mission is to provide intelligence from large volume of content and make data analysis accessible for everyone.

Who can Use it?

Data professionals (Data Scientists, Data Analysts and Data Developers) and Business professionals (Decision makers) in any organization could find the usage of Dataaccel.

For Data professionals, DataAccel provides REST APIs around data so that people with existing skill set can develop data driven cognitive application much faster without spending time on scalability, reliability, stream processing etc.

For Business professionals DataAccel provides actionable insights at their fingertips across different business units seamlessly.

Why DataAccel?

DataAccel enables Data professionals, data experts and decision makers to derive insights faster. In Today’s Big Data world the problem of

  • Data Management – Managing massive amount of data is much solved by players like Cloudera, Datastax, 10gen, Hortonworks etc.
  • Data Storage – With current hardware storage technology, storing peta-bytes or zeta-bytes of data is no more an issue.
  • Data visualization – This is solved by companies like Tableau, Qliktech or traditional BI systems
  • Data Providers – Enough data providers like Datasift, Spin3r are there to provide data
  • Business Problems – Enough business problems like churn predictions, influencer analysis, customer 360 degree analysis etc. are already identified.

However enterprises are not focusing on pre-processing of the data which takes away 86% of the time in solving any business problem. Even if you add more data professionals and come up with super cool machine learning algorithms, unless the data pre-processing problem is addressed, the gap between raw data to insights will remain. What we need is a way to capture data and pre-process it in such a way that it makes the entire Data analysis life-cycle easy, thereby, reducing the time taken to identify actionable insights.

DATAACCEL with razor sharp focus attacks this problem so that Data professionals can spend most of their time effectively in solving business problems that can increase the revenue. Data has no boundaries in an enterprise and it is important that the enterprise application addresses data from various departments in a seamless way. With DATAACCEL, enterprises can come up with data driven cognitive application much faster thereby increasing the productivity of the Data professionals and therefore revenue for the business.

When to use DataAccel?

  • Enterprises that believe in “Customer is King” and have significant data collected over the years but have no clue to monetize their data.
  • Enterprises who want to use their data for their competitive advantage and do not know how to use it.
  • Enterprises that are facing scalability, reliability challenges due to “bursting load” and are looking for a tailor-made solution

Where is it available?

DATAACCEL is available on Premise, Private Cloud and in Public Cloud.

Reference Architecture

Reference Architecture

Data Source and Data

Data Preparation &
Pre Processing

Data Enrichment

Perform Analytics

Deliver Insights



Semantic Analysis

Drill Downs,roll ups, heat maps etc.


Text Data

Semantic Harmonization

Various Data Folds

Data Mining
and Statistical

Graph based

Multi Dimensional


Time Series

Time Series

Geo Spatial



Video & Image



Secured, Privacy, Audit and Backup

Platform of Choice to Develop Cogntive Data Driven Applications

Reference Architecture image


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