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Software Defined Data Center is a technology adoption based on open standards, which provides a single-button trigger for managing workloads, network traffic engineering, and agile infrastructure configuration/re-configuration in a cost-optimized way.

Cloud computing and IoT are currently the trends driving the demand for software-defined data centers (SDDC). Software-defined networking (SDN), network function virtualization (NFV) and software-defined storage (SDS) are key technologies in SDDC that enable the agility and level of automation needed (backed by hardware modularly designed with standard components) and make it cost effective and flexible. It is no wonder that chip makers, OEMs, TEMs, ISVs are transforming themselves to create products and solutions that leverage these technologies.

Service providers are also leveraging these benefits and redefining the way services are designed and delivered to customers. Central Office Re-architected as Datacenter (CORD) is one such use case.

Happiest Minds, with its strong foundation in telecom, networking and storage expertise, has co-created software-defined networking (SDN), network function virtualization (NFV) and software-defined storage solutions and has become a trusted and valued engineering partner for leading networking and telecom companies.


Management Plane

Management plane engineering is an important piece to the end-to-end engineering in networking space. Disruptions in software-defined networking, MANO and the paradigm shift towards data-model driven interfaces like YANG/Netconf are transforming management plane. Our services include:

  • Software-defined networking controller engineering including ONOS, OpenDaylight
  • Orchestration and management layer engineering
  • Open-stack plugin development and integration
  • Management protocol engineering – Netconf, YANG, SNMP
  • Open source and commercial management framework adoption and integration including Tail-f CONFD, Net-SNMP
Device Engineering

Happiest Minds helps OEMs to engineer networking and storage devices using strong board design, embedded and system software experience, which are compliant to the established and emerging industry standard specifications.

  • Hi-speed board design services
  • Firmware engineering services
  • Switching, routing and storage protocol stacks engineering, including commercial and open source stack porting, enhancements and integrations
  • Middleware and management agents engineering
  • Packet processing using DPDK, Octeon, Broadcom and other GPU / NPU / ASIC based platforms

Disruptions in software-defined networking and emergence of an open ecosystem with open source controllers and open APIs have revolutionized the way networking is perceived. Intelligence has moved from devices to applications and  become more user centric. Our services include:

  • Software-defined networking application development
  • Analytics and visualization applications
  • EMS/NMS application engineering including transformation to software-defined networking applications
  • UX/UI services

Whether for predicting network failures to help take preventive actions, preventing internal or external attack, or using it to drive network configuration for optimal use of resources, network analytics is one of the key strategic initiatives for enterprises, service providers, datacenters and web scale companies. Happiest Minds has enabled co-creation of network analytics products and offers following services:

  • Big data and analytics platform engineering
  • Analytical and statistical algorithm development
  • Visualization
Testing and DevOps

Automation, test-driven development, agile testing, DevOps, continuous integration and continuous delivery are some of the methodologies that help organizations shorten the delivery cycle, without compromising on product quality. Happiest Minds testing and DevOps offerings include:

  • Manual, automation, performance and security testing
  • General purpose test framework
  • Storage testing frameworks
  • API testing framework
  • Hardware testing lab
  • DevOps consultancy, deployment and optimizations


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