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Intel – FPGA Design Solutions Network

Altera Corporation -The Intel Programmable Solutions Group is a manufacturer of programmable logic devices (PLDs). They provide industry-leading custom logic solutions including Cyclone®, Arria®, and Stratix® FPGAs and SoCs, CPLDs, and Enpirion® power management products.Altera targets an array of applications in many industries, including automotive, broadcast, data center, communications, consumer, industrial, medical, military and aerospace, and test and measurement. Altera’s portfolio includes manufacturing of fully integrated software development tools including Quartus®, versatile embedded processors, optimized intellectual property (IP) cores, reference designs examples and development kits. See more at:


  • Machine Learning
  • Test and Measurement
  • Data Center
  • Industrial
  • IoT


  • Intel – FPGA Design Solutions Network – Gold Member


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