Every CISO’s guide to
Cyber Risk Protection
2017 Edition

How to accelerate and orchestrate your threat defense lifecycle

Cyber risks affect every class of business and no industry can consider themselves completely immune to these rising number of cyber-attacks. In spite of the usage of effective control measures, attackers are day by day identifying novel methods including advanced social engineering strategies, sophisticated malware techniques like ransomware threats, advanced persistent threats and innovative evading techniques, to penetrate into an organization's defense barriers.

In today’s day and age of increasing organized cyber-crimes happening globally, you need to be prepared to maintain an effective security posture. Download this guide to understand:

  • How to address evolving cyber-attacks, including ransomware threats like Wannacry, Petya and Golden eye
  • How to ensure appropriate security controls to protect your valuable organizational data
  • How to maintain a ‘defense in depth’ strategy while investing in the next generation technologies for your business
  • How to leverage our proprietary CRPP platform for all of the above