Every CISO’s guide to Cyber Risk Protection

Automate, accelerate and orchestrate your threat defense lifecycle

The evolving cyber risk landscape is a constant concern for organizations. Cyber risks affect every class of business and no industry can consider themselves completely immune to the rising number of cyber-attacks. The financial and reputational impact of cyber risks is forcing organizations to reevaluate their strategies on ways to deal with this menace. The existing security tools and approaches work in silos and target only certain type of threats. This makes it challenging for organizations to get a bird’s eye view of the organizational risk posture; thereby increasing their exposure to threats. An integrated way of handling cyber risks enables organizations in effectively identifying and responding to them.

Cyber Risk Protection Platform (CRPP) is a cohesive and integrated approach that leverages multiple technologies working in tandem to effectively address cyber security risks through the entire threat defense lifecycle: detection, protection and prevention.

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