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The advent of globalization and a constant battle in a highly competitive market has compelled the banks to reconsider their business profiles and adopt the evolving regulations provisioned by our Banking IT Services. With the changing business landscape, financial institutions have to think beyond just an automated Banking service and focus on risk management techniques aligned with regulatory compliance. Providing an advanced service with improved, secure and cost effective Banking operations creates a huge impact on customer experience.

Happiest Mind’s banking and financial IT services uses disruptive technologies of Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud (SMAC) and helps financial institutions achieve their goals.

Happiest Minds' banking services

Source System

Trade Confirmation Systems

Customer/ Client/ Counterparty Reference Date

Product Reference Date

Supplier/ Vendor

External Date Ex: os Match, Markit

Pnl Date

Pricing & Valuation Date

Employee/ Trader Referance Date

DATA Acquisition

DATA Enrichment

DATA Persistence

Eligibility Determination

USI/UTI Generation

Report Generation

Report Publish

Batch Processing

End of Day/ Bulk processing

ACK/ NACK/ WACK Response



Middleware vendors

Audit Reporting

Operation Controls Reporting

Raw Date

Data Base/ Data store Normalized Data

Jurisdiction Specific Data


Ex:CFTC, ESMA etc.




Governance Risk & Compliance

The three pillars Governance, Risk management and Compliance should work together in sync in order for an organization to meet its objectives. Happiest Minds Governance Risk & Compliance solutions for Banking & Financial IT services helps streamline and automate data governance and reconciliation process, support compliance with Basel, Dodd-Frank & FATCA regulations. As part of the Credit Risk Compliance we act as a third eye of the organization, detecting and predicting potential defaults and estimating future losses, performing stress tests on loan portfolio, performing scenario analysis to assess credit default exposure.

  • Credit Risk Analytics
  • Regulatory reporting
  • Fraud Analytics
  • Data Governance
  • Trade Reconciliation
Smart Operations

With the abundance pressure to match the rapid pace of tech savvy consumer needs, banks sometime miss to smartly manage their basics. Happiest Minds Smart Operation Solutions for Banking & Financial IT Services helps improve operational efficiency. We use our BI & Insights tool to initialize automation and reengineer processes. We believe in using Cloud computing technology to achieve cost savings through usage based billing, improve business agility due to lesser initial capital investment.

  • Case Management as a Service
  • Straight Through Processing
  • Campaign Management
  • End to End Testing
  • Real Time Analytics
  • Alternative Channel Strategies
  • Dashboards and MIS
Customer Experience

The fast growing customer expectations and rapid addition in competitors are making it very difficult for banks to hook and retain the interest of their tech savvy customers. Happiest Mind’s Customer Experience Solutions for Banking & Financial Services helps transform the company to serve their customers better by gaining deep insights on customer needs and preferences. Using Digital technologies like Social Media, Mobile, Analytics, we understand customer behavior and engage with them by providing relevant, smart, secure and easy banking.

  • Social Banking Ecosystem
  • Social Gamification
  • Customer Lifetime Value
  • Customer Analytics
  • Financial Advisory Tools


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