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While digital transformation has disrupted various industries, education publishing has been at the forefront of embracing this change. For instance, many believed towards the end of the last decade that electronic books will fundamentally alter market realities and necessitate publishers to rethink. Although, paper books aren’t going away anytime soon, digital and e-books have carved out a strong niche for themselves and contribute significantly to the overall revenues of a publishing house.

This flight towards digital is also powered by the ability of publishers to increase sell through rates, lower their cost of production and build richer digital experiences that allow for personalized learning and improved content retention.

To stay relevant and build on their market share, education publishers need to re-imagine the learning experience while simultaneously accelerating their time to market.


Content Enablement

Happiest Minds provides scalable and rapid technology solutions that bring about dynamic course content leading to greater learner engagement, improved outcomes and a significantly better teaching and learning experience. We offer –

  • Interactive, narrative content along with media development and deployment services
  • Contents enhancement services – quiz, questionnaires, annotations, comments, feedback and social pluggability
  • Platform development customizable courses, open learning and mash-able content
  • Support for assignments, assessments and question banks
  • Custom e-readers, players and SDK development

With its education analytics service, Happiest Minds provides a complete package that knits together all the required technology pieces such as infrastructure, analytics modules, adaptive services and visualization. When combined, this enables publishers to rapidly collate meaningful data and initiate timely and informed actions. We offer –

  • Big Data development and implementation services
  • Batch and Real-time Analytics services
  • Adaptive, predictive analytics and personalized learning services
  • Content instrumentation services that track meta data, learner activities and usage statistics
  • Data visualization services for instructors and students

A typical learning environment truly benefits when different technology solutions come together seamlessly with other systems both internal and external. Happiest Minds provides an API platform service that can extend education content by effectively merging data and processes. We provide –

  • API Enablement Engineering and Management Services
  • Developer Experience Services
  • API functional and performance testing services
  • Building custom integrations with LMS, e-portfolio, academic systems and institution portals
  • Building custom mash-able course authoring platforms
Commerce and Distribution

While the core aspects on online learning is centered around improving the quality of content and providing sophisticated teaching and learning experiences, it is imperative from a business standpoint to maximize the reach of such material. Course providers must adopt the right kind of pricing and marketing strategies to make their attractive to the intended audience.

Happiest Minds has expertise in building platforms that provide mechanisms to search, discover, try and review learning courses thereby creating an e-commerce savvy storefront. 

  • Development of market place for education learning applications, content and tools
  • Modular solutions for search, discovery, preview, adoption and purchase

With the advent of smart phones and tablets in general and their ubiquity among students in particular, learning now takes place around the clock irrespective of location or time. By putting the end-user experience first, publishers are looking to facilitate convenient and self-paced learning.

mLearning is an important component of accelerating the ability to create content and learning systems that translate across various devices. We provide –

  • Responsive education content rendering
  • Services to support device specific readers and formats
  • Enhancing the content for mobile interactions and collaborations
  • Tracking, monitoring and Analytics
  • Rendering SDK for Mobiles

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Compliance and Assurance

Digital books or e-books in some cases contribute as much as 40% of the total revenues of a company.  That said, publishers at any given point have to manage both the print and digital platforms. While the print publishing workflow is quite established, the digital versions of books need to abide by certain standards, offer multiple formats. support different retailers requirements while bringing about accessibility and personalization. Happiest Minds provides a comprehensive QA process to address these critical steps. While some processes can be automated, some of them require building tools specific to the requirement. We provide –

  • Verification of functionality, links and interactivities
  • Accessibility and compliance testing
  • QAing and Checklists Generation and validation
  • Cross-Platform Testing and Validation for retailer formats
  • Implementation of DevOps and continuous Integration practices



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