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Enterprises today truly operate in a global economy with unprecedented scale and a horde of heterogenous segments, each with a very specific set of market drivers and business needs. Enterprise systems form the backbone of such vast operations where every strategic and transactional detail needs to be accounted for. In the last few years, the cloud has been widely embraced due to its tacit benefits of elasticity and agility in meeting the demands of a dynamically changing marketplace – this further underscored the use of horizontal applications like CRM, HRMS, Document Management and Accounting.

However, there has been a burning need to go beyond a ‘one size fits all’ approach and bring about industry specific customization. Even though industries like education, insurance, supply chain and legal might have certain processes in common, there are fundamental differences that necessitate the need for vertical specific enterprise solutions. Offered as SaaS applications with version-less upgrades and vertical specific customizations, these offerings have found great favor with customers in multiple industries.

Another major focus area for enterprises is to tap into the massive potential of disruptive technologies like IoT, Blockchain and Advanced Analytics to fundamentally reimagine their customer experience and build sustainable transformation. As a result, ISVs and Product companies need to move these technologies from lab to production while accelerating their time to market and embracing innovative models to build and maintain their products.

We at Happiest Minds have worked extensively with enterprise ISVs and product companies in helping them create rich, market ready offerings that are primed to add value. We have specifically chosen education publishing, insurance, supply chain and legal tech as the verticals where our superior domain knowledge, solution centric approach and deep understanding of new-age technologies will make a difference.

Along with our other business units, Happiest Minds is well positioned to help ISVs and Product companies by offering a host of integrated services which include superior software engineering, system integration and IT services.


Education Publishing

While digital transformation has disrupted various industries, education publishing has been at the forefront of embracing this change. This flight towards digital is also powered by the ability of publishers to increase sell through rates, lower their cost of production and build richer digital experiences that allow for personalized learning and improved content retention.

To stay relevant and build on their market share, education publishers need to re-imagine the learning experience while simultaneously accelerating their time to market.

Find out what Happiest Minds has to offer in Education Publishing.

Supply Chain Management

Supply chain is the heartline of any business. It is critical for technology companies in this space to have their products well aligned to the latest innovations that add value. While trends come and go, several technologies like Automation, Blockchain, Predictive Analytics, IoT and Big Data are coming together in a perfect storm to shape the future of what is now called the digital supply chain.

To thrive in a rapidly changing landscape, supply chain companies need to stay on top of disruptive technology trends and seek to create an ecosystem that is secure, transparent, connected and robust. 

Find out what Happiest Minds has to offer in Supply Chain Management.


Being one of the oldest industries, Insurance is now perched at the brink of digital disruption. Although a little late to the game, the need to identify new risks and bring to market new products that are based on sophisticated risk modelling and pricing mechanisms is driving the need to embrace technologies like analytics, mobile, IoT and blockchain.

Insure-Tech is looking to create better and personalized customer experiences to make everything from purchasing policies to claiming insurance as smooth and seamless as possible. In addition, insurers also want to help their agents to sell more, accelerate time to market, optimize risk and reduce the overall cost of claims.

Find out what Happiest Minds has to offer Insurance providers


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