Happiest Minds with TechMarketView is bringing together CxOs to share and learn via a series of webinars around the theme – “Driving an innovative and resilient digital future”
The first is with Russell Sheldon, the Chief Operating & Technology Officer, TMF Group on - “Building Digital Resilience to future proof your organization”.

Digital is many things to many people. Digital isn’t technology, it’s part of our fabric of innovation, evolution, and change. Digital truly harnesses the synergy of brainpower and technology to create an ecosystem that enables an evolving Digital journey – not a destination. Digital weaves experience, data, AI/ML, automation, scalable infrastructure, robust cybersecurity, digital governance – the confluence of which enables new revenue streams, business models, improve efficiencies, drive profitability; acquire and retain customers, etc – enabling enterprises to be more agile, secure, and resilient.

Russell Sheldon has defined and driven an integrated operational and digital strategy that bring together transformative capabilities & disruptive technology to support scaling the business, create new digital delivery models, enhance client experience and provide TMF Group clients with valuable insights as they run their businesses or investments around the world.

Over the last 3 years, across the 80+ countries and 9000+ employees of TMF Group, Russell has defined and driven an integrated operational and digital strategy.


Russell will share his experience of driving that change for TMF from scaling (quadrupling) the client and user base to launching of a new, cloud native, next generation client platform that integrates AI, ML and Blockchain capabilities to digitise TMF among other learning on processes and Automation.

Do not miss this if you’re a CXO with digital budget responsibility for your organisation.