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Organizations today expect their IT infrastructure to be more agile, secure, and service-oriented to stay ahead in the game, find new revenue streams, speed up their go-to-market, and enhance user experience. The wave of Digital Transformation is revolutionising the entire IT sector from the adoption of multi-cloud environments, application modernizations, and datacenter transformations to smart and secure workspace solutions. Often these transformations are initially strategic in nature but quickly evolve into multi-technology projects to be efficiently managed and implemented.

Happiest Minds provides organisations with a comprehensive and integrated suite of IT services and operations management through its agile IT Infrastructure Management Services. Our consulting-led approach to fast-evolving technological changes includes assessing your IT estate, maturity level for your target state, as well as your business needs and aspirations to deliver solutions that facilitate a successful digital roadmap.

Key Partnerships

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Infrastructure Consulting
  • Infrastructure Discovery & Maturity Assessments
  • Migration and Modernization Strategies, and Roadmaps
  • Consolidation & Optimization Strategies
  • DR/BCP Strategies
  • Hybrid/Multi-Cloud Cloud Design, Build & Migration
  • Datacenter Design, Build & Migration
  • Legacy App Modernization
  • Cloud Native App Development
  • Database Migration & Modernization 
  • DevSecOps Integration
  • Infrastructure as Code
Digital Workplace
  • End-user Device Refresh
  • OS Upgrades & Migrations
  • Directory Services Migrations
  • Unified Communication & Collaboration Services Migration
  • Desktop Engineering Services
  • Detailed Network Designing
  • Network Deployment Planning
  • Network Deployment, Migration and Validation
  • Network Engineering Services
ITSM & ITOM Tools & Platforms
  • Tools Consolidation
  • Tools Implementation & Migration
  • Tools Integration Services
  • Workflow Automation
  • Tools Customization and Engineering Services
Managed Services
  • Service Desk, NOC & Cross-functional Services
  • Cloud & DC Infrastructure Management
  • DevOps & DataOps
  • Application Support
  • End-user Support
  • Network Management
  • Tools Platform Maintenance

With clinics and hospitals adopting digital systems more than ever before, patient identity and medical records are susceptible to cyberattacks. Healthcare data and patient privacy face threats since ePHI (electronic protected health information) is vulnerable to cyberattacks in the digital world. The rapid adoption of remote and telehealth (IoMT) has improved healthcare quality, affordability, and accessibility, yet it remains susceptible to data breaches and cyberattacks.

Patient information is a gold mind on the internet. Several breaches for misuse of data have been reported, which make the healthcare sector accountable and responsible for the protection of its databases, networks, and endpoints. This makes an impenetrable cyber defense strategy critical for healthcare providers. Medical practitioners need to remotely access medical data, which makes the healthcare business vulnerable to attacks.

The Top Healthcare IT cyber security challenges are:

  • Many healthcare institutions continue to use outdated technology that impacts productivity and leads to treatment mismanagement.
  • Adequate security controls are often lacking in medical devices.
  • Healthcare workers lack cyber risk training.
  • Systems connected to the internet like ventilators, vital sign monitors, X-ray machines, CT scanners, MRIs, and patient tracking wristbands can be easily exploited or tampered with.

Our Services:

Happiest Minds enables end-to-end security for the Healthcare business by applying a robust and proven framework built in accordance with regulatory requirements, digital security best practices, and best-of-the-breed tools and technologies. We help you stay updated with evolving governance policies to improve and tighten healthcare security in the following ways:

  • Our security architecture and design aim to build and manage a resilient healthcare system with leading AI/Big Data/behavioral-based analytics and periodic compliance assessments, reviews, and management.
  • We ensure that your organization is HIPAA/HITRUST ready so you can meet regulatory compliances.
  • A centralized management and monitoring framework provides medical devices, endpoint, network, and data security, powered by best security practices, knowledge, and experience.
  • Support your digital transformation initiatives leveraging secure cloud adoption and medical device security.

Our Solution – 360° Approach



Digital and smart things are among the most hotly debated topics today. Life without any form of digital impact is unimaginable in this day and age.  Since we live in a digital world, we have embraced the digital revolution in one way or another.

Similarly, we have brought the digital into our workplaces  in the form of smart spaces. A smart space, broadly speaking, is any space that improves your quality of life without interfering with it.

While smart spaces take charge to meet the needs of their occupants and businesses, it brings benefits like reduced energy costs, increased productivity of the facility staff, improved space operations, greater support for sustainability efforts, and enhanced decision-making across the organization.


The smart space market is expected to grow due to an increase in greenfield projects and greater environmental concerns worldwide. In an effort to deal with environmental changes and to increase productivity, it’s essential to leverage a space with an updated smart technology solution. The change is much needed.

Smart spaces utilize cutting-edge technology to enhance occupants’ experience, sustain optimal performance levels, and reduce the costs of space operations. Various studies have found that high carbon dioxide levels and uncomfortable temperatures in a living space can greatly reduce productivity and satisfaction. It has been shown that productivity improved 60 percent in spaces with less carbon dioxide and a friendly environment in the air. This is where emerging solutions come into play, like sensors, actuators, microchips, and automated processes that can automatically control the operations of the space, including heating, ventilation, air conditioning, lighting, security, and other systems.


Happiest Minds Technologies’ digital transformation standards are designed to help you establish good practices, build resilience, embrace new emerging technologies, and digitalize the built environment, from housing, industrial, commercial, hospitals, schools, civil engineering, infrastructure, to modern, urban spaces. Here are some ways in which we help you embrace digital transformation:

  • Better resource utilization
  • Real-time spaces insights
  • New workplace opportunities
  • Efficient energy consumption
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Bringing in green norms
  • Increase automation opportunities
  • Saving operational and maintenance costs
  • Emergency alert and notifications
  • Digitize assets via embedded sensors
  • Lower environmental footprints
  • Track operating assets and performance
  • Intelligent recommendations by machine learning

Together, big data, the Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), predictive maintenance, spaces automation, spaces information modeling, Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), blockchain, quantum computing, neural network, aerial drones, robotics, 3D imaging, and other revolutionary technologies offer the promise of a brighter future for smart spaces.


In the digitalization roadmap, some of the key areas to concentrate on will be developing the right digital strategy, automating operations and assets to bring in a diverse workforce. It is a multi-step process that requires data gathering, analysis, forecasting, and strategizing. Here is where we leverage the latest digital technologies to bring a solution to all the existing challenges in space management systems. Digital transformation brings innovative and cutting-edge technologies to onboard automated spaces solutions, improve health and safety, employee empowerment, enhance decision-making abilities, and reduce maintenance costs with a more agile and profitable business.


The Happiest Minds value chain includes end-to-end solutions from the prospecting of construction to delivering an eco-friendly environment for customers. Happiest Minds evaluates current operational processes and construction architecture in-depth and then supports end-users in each segment using best-in-class technologies. This helps users enjoy a connected experience with connected assets and a connected workforce, leading to centralized maintenance and operations. This means enhanced capabilities and sustainability in every possible space segment to create economies of scale in the input or output.


Net-Zero Carbon

The excess of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere triggers harmful global warming effects. Therefore, reducing the amount of these gases in the atmosphere should help tackle climate change. Net-zero refers to achieving a balance between the greenhouse gases put into the atmosphere and those taken out. We at Happiest Minds are taking actions to decarbonize the built environment by combining energy efficiency and renewable energy generation to consume only as much energy as can be produced onsite using renewable resources over a specified time.

Facility Management

Facilities management can be defined as the tools and services that support the functionality, safety, and sustainability of buildings, grounds, infrastructure, and real estate. Our solutions offer flexibility in both hard and soft spaces facility management by combining additional excellence and digital innovations. Centralizing facilities management will bring all operational functions to a single point.  Additionally, the use of IoT, AI, and ML in emerging solutions will help unlock valuable insights for facility management leaders to reduce management costs and improve the overall workplace experience by empowering the decision-making process in real-time. The solution can ensure that places where people work, play, learn, and live are safe, comfortable, productive, and sustainable. 

Energy Management

When it comes to energy saving, energy management is the process of monitoring, controlling, and conserving energy in an organization. Our solution for energy management can command to reduce energy load when required and increase it when supplies of electricity are plentiful, without impacting the operational performance. This makes our solution efficient to participate as an accelerator in the energy markets. The sensors we use can help organizations get accurate, real-time energy consumption data, show usage over time, and quickly track the assets. And with the use of AI and ML, we can analyze the data efficiently and rapidly for immediate actions. Overall, our solution provides a healthy and pleasant indoor and outdoor environment and effectively manages the energy consumption of spaces.

Construction Management

The construction industry faces challenging competitive constraints every day and complex project requirements regarding materials, logistics, or even heavy documentation. We offer higher visibility around construction management for more transparency and accurate tracking of construction materials. Our solutions with blockchain technology streamline project management by automating the complete logistics solutions and the most cumbersome paperwork tasks in a secure manner. Also, it enables the implementation of various operations through proper coordination and control of planning, design, estimating, contracting, and construction in the entire process. 

Smart Indoors

We help create a safe indoor environment by offering multi-platform solutions, including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Zigbee, LoWPAN, LoRa, or Z-Wave. The connected indoor solution includes those for garages, networked cameras, door locks, doorbells, outdoor lighting, pet geo-fencing, smart metering, leak detection, connected pest traps, swimming pools, indoor mapping, indoor positioning, indoor security, indoor analytics, and more. This results in a better quality of life and a sustainable approach to lifestyle.


The secured smart spaces solution is intelligent to handle challenges, such as security, and opting for an alarm verification service to comply with regulations so that the environment is much more comfortable, productive, and safe.


Industrial Automation suppliers are faced with the predicament of weighing the risk of adopting new technologies that may create unforeseen complications against the possibility of falling behind the curve to competitors who have a higher risk appetite.

We are amid accelerated transformation that is being driven by Industry 4.0 and an important aspect of it is the role software has to play in industrial automation systems. A key driver in the overall automation of systems has been the focus on quality that necessitates a larger shift from electronics to software.

The needs and demands of modern-day industrial automation systems are constantly evolving and quality assurance can no longer be an afterthought. Quality assurance methods need to evolve rapidly and there are only a few service providers who have the experience and pedigree required to enable this change.

Happiest Minds Technologies has a thriving practice comprising of some of the most experienced and innovative minds who are focused on creating end to end quality assurance and validation solutions. We provide both manual testing and Test automation offerings around these areas –

  • SCADA & Visualization Testing
  • Data & Platform Testing
  • Control Domain Testing
  • Test Automation


SCADA & Visualization Testing

We provide testing and validation that covers control systems, control actions testing, communication tests, protocols tests, storage tests, configuration and API testing for SCADA support and reports validation.

  • SCADA Testing
  • Communication Tests – Ethernet, Serial
  • Protocols Tests
  • Configuration Testing – Device configuration, Tagging
  • HMI Validation
  • Data Type Validation
  • API & GUI Testing
  • Smart Objects validation, Mapping Tests & Animation Validation
Data & Platform Testing

As part of this functional layer, we provide testing and validation involving device onboarding, monitoring, access and rules validation, database, API testing, latency and non-functional testing between gateway and end devices.

  • Device – onboarding & monitoring validation
  • Diagnostics Checks
  • Access Management Test
  • Command & Events handlers
  • Rules Validation
  • Database Write Tests
  • API Testing
  • Performance Tests
  • Security Testing 
Control Domain Testing

We provide Testing services covering device management, RTU and PLC validation for IO Config, Protocol Testing and Network Connectivity – WiFi, Bluetooth, Cellular.

  • Device – Management, Configuration and Connectivity Tests
  • RTU, PLC validation for IO config
  • GPIO Tests – Alarms validation
  • Protocol Validation – Modbus RTU, TCP, BacNet IP, OPC_UA
  • Cloud Connectivity – WiFi , Cellular, BLE, Zigbee, DNP3 and OTA Tests
  • IoT Protocols – MQTT, CoAP, AMQP
  • Digital & Analog IO tests
  • Test bench setup simulated testing and Performance Testing
Test Automation

Happiest minds has invested in creating test automation frameworks and accelerators for devices, gateways, configuration related Cloud API Tests, pre-built libraries, end device simulation, Modbus slave simulators & connectivity profile simulators.

  • Python, Selenium, Pytest, Pyunit, Pywin, Robot, QT, PyQt
  • Pre-Built Protocol Keyword libraries and transceivers for different communication
  • QT HMI Test Automation using Squish
  • Embedded Test Automation Framework
  • End device simulation
  • Modbus slave simulators

There have been seismic shifts in the technology world over the last few years which have resulted in the emergence of industry 4.0, network 2020 and intelligent smart devices along with embedded software. Today for a product to succeed, it needs to be able to adapt to rapidly changing standards like ETSI, FDT, MEF, ONF, ONAP, work across industry applications and adhere to complex global certifications.

With embedded and software components now being closely integrated, testing strategies and practices need to evolve quickly to enable the idea of continuous automated testing. We, at Happiest Minds are well positioned to support your end-to-end product life cycle testing needs as we bring with us deep domain knowledge and a wide array of technical capabilities.  Provided below is a snapshot of our expertise –

Happiest Minds Embedded Testing Services offers a comprehensive portfolio of services and solutions incorporating innovative testing process and tools for the embedded domain covering Test consulting, Test planning, Test Execution, Test Automation and Test Labs.  These service offerings are aligned to –

  • Device Testing
  • Network Testing
  • Industrial Protocol Testing
  • Security End Point Testing
  • Test Automation

With expertise in every phase of the product testing life cycle, Happiest Minds Technologies brings in a wealth of people experience in testing for a variety of products such as gateways, control systems, servers, single board computers, industrial protocols, network hardware and consumer devices cutting across various areas like industrial automation, IoT devices, networking and storage.


Device Testing

Due to network transformation and the ubiquity of smart devices in the market place, the time is now to rethink the testing approaches required to validate these smart devices. Happiest Minds has a dedicated device testing team comprising of highly skilled test engineers with expertise across several tools and artifacts. This team has executed various projects by effective test planning and test topologies creation by leveraging opensource test tools, agile test processes and a shift left approach.

Happiest Minds offers device testing services that can help our clients accelerate their device development through an accelerated testing approach and test suites. We offer –

  • DVT Testing
  • Firmware Testing
  • Integration Testing
  • Functional and System Testing
  • Pre-compliance Testing
  • Acceptance Testing
  • End to End Testing
  • Test Automation
Network Testing

As both service providers and data Center networks undergo a rapid transformation towards adopting Software Defined Networking(SDN) and Network Functional Virtualization(NFV), there’s a need to re-think some of the test strategies that are characterized through dependence on hardware and associated Network Operating Systems(NOS).

Happiest Minds offers a wide range of Network Testing Services covering the needs of networking OEMs and service providers by leveraging its talent pool, in house test frameworks, test accelerators, tools and test servers. We offer –

  • L2-L3 Protocol Testing
  • SDN Controller Testing
  • NFV and VNF Testing
  • Management and Network Orchestration Testing
  • Test Automation


Industrial Protocol Testing

With the emergence of Industry 4.0 and the rapid introduction of smart devices combined with the digitization of manufacturing processes, new test strategies need to be formulated to address the convergence of Operational Technology (OT) and Information Technology(IT).

Happiest Minds offers a wide range of Industrial testing services in the industrial automation space with our extensive knowledge and understanding of the various protocols. Our capabilities include system testing, Interoperability and pre-compliance testing. We offer –

  • Process Automation ProtocolsTesting – Modbus, HART, Profinet, Profibus
  • Industrial Control Systems Protocol Testing – OPC, OPC-UA
  • Building Management System Protocol Testing – BACNet, Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP
  • Power System Automation Protocol Testing – DNP3
  • Wireless Testing – Zigbee, BLE, Bluetooth
  • Serial Interfaces Testing – RS-232, RS-485, RS-422, SPI, I2C
  • GPIO Testing
  • SCADA Testing
  • Gateway Testing
  • Test Automation
Security End Point Testing

With IoT having broken into the mainstream, a plethora of embedded devices are now connected to the network. Ensuring the security of these devices and the data they contain is top priority for businesses. It is very important to consider the coding guideline for embedded device security while producing devices such as the Industrial control systems, IoT gateways and controllers.

Happiest Minds provides specific security testing for embedded platforms that can help our clients accelerate their device development through secure testing. We offer –

  • Secure boot & updates
  • OS hardening tests
  • PKI in embedded systems
  • Transport layer security
  • Data collection Usage and Storage
  • Firewall Testing
Test Automation

Most businesses today are operating in a dynamic market where it is common to see changes in customer demands during different stages of the development cycle or post deployment. As a result, Test Automation is now an integral component of product life cycle management.  

Happiest Minds provides the required consultancy and planning for test automation at the early stages and implementation at various other points in the product life cycle with the integration into CI/CD for continuous testing. We offer –  

  • Robust Test Automation Planning
  • Key word driven framework development for easy maintainability
  • Protocol simulators
  • API test Automation
  • Embedded Hardware connectivity libraries
  • CI/CD Integration

Industrial Automation has traditionally been centered around the Operational Technologies (OT). Digital manufacturing is a leap forward and is centered around the idea of aligning operational technology (OT), engineering technology (ET) and information technology (IT) to garner greater efficiencies and cost savings. While it is imperative to achieving high levels of sustainable growth and fostering digital innovation, it also requires higher levels of data and software governance, building interoperability and being nimble.

The speed of technology adoption in digital manufacturing is directly reliant upon the existing technology infrastructure. As a result, certain use cases have seen accelerated adoption while many others are experiencing a slow burn and will most likely be embraced gradually over a period of time. Currently, the manufacturing landscape is plagued by multiple inefficiencies which necessitate the adoption of digital technologies. For instance, production processes are far from optimal as all machines are not connected to each other, data exists only in silos, unplanned downtimes cause loss of productivity, asset and worker tracking systems are missing and there is a perceptible lack of IT-OT convergence. Similarly, inbound logistics and SCM are impacted by inefficient vendor-managed inventories, disconnected suppliers and a lack of real-time transparency leading to inaccurate demand forecasting. Finally, this lack of integration exists across IT systems as well with ERP & CRMs not being connected with OT and product ecosystems respectively while sales portals aren’t in alignment with SCM systems.

Happiest Minds addresses these issues with expertise in creating a platform-based approach to digital manufacturing. A platform which can serve as an integration point to various systems in the manufacturing operations and supply chain realms while possibly supporting and servicing end customers. With our strong understanding of the manufacturing ecosystem and deep technical expertise, we help our customers with:

  • IoT/Edge Computing
  • Cloud Computing
  • Big Data systems
  • APIs and System Integration
  • Advanced Analytics / AI / ML
  • Robotics Process Automation
  • AR/VR
  • Blockchain

Our primary offerings are described below.


Digital Strategy Assessment

We offer strategic consulting designed specifically to help our clients draw out a long-term roadmap before embarking on a digital journey. This includes maturity assessment, digital opportunity identification and creation of technology and execution roadmap.

Product Design Optimizations

We help in creating new designs faster by digitizing the versions of historic product designs. This is then attached to the performance results of those designs at end of a production line and in the field to drive innovation and accelerate the creation of newer designs. We also offer capabilities in AR ready label designs.

Connected Manufacturing Operations
  • Paperless Automation: Creating digital workflows to replace paperwork or development of RPA systems to automate the manual entry of data or extracting data from documents.
  • Real time Asset & operations monitoring: Integration with sensors, PLCs, SCADA systems and Historians to get a real-time view of production operations.
  • Predictive Maintenance and Scheduling: Enablement of predictive maintenance systems, linking various parts and components in the plant to vendors, proactive scheduling of maintenance based on the conditions of the systems.
  • Quality Inspection & Batch Traceability: Enablement of image-based quality inspection, digitization of inspection workflow and establishing traceability to product component providers.
Supply Chain Optimizations
  • Inbound & Outbound Logistics: Improving efficiency of the inbound logistics by integrating the inventory data and production plan data to create an automated workflow of order generation and fleet planning for the pickup. Similarly, the outbound logistics is improved by integrating the production output data, loading dock data and pickup of fleet data to optimize the loading dock allocation. This gives real time material visibility with automation of manual processes, thereby increasing the overall efficiency.
  • Vendor-Supplier Management: This includes digitization of order placement, invoicing, and payments. Integration of data on the past quality of the material from the vendor, past invoices, delivery times etc. when presented on the dashboard, improves the insights and provides greater leverage with vendors to obtain better service and pricing terms.
  • Inventory Management: Integrated view of inventory data and upcoming deliveries from various warehouses can improve inter-warehouse collaboration to achieve faster deliveries to customers. Happiest Minds can help integrate, corelate and accurately forecast inventory requirements.
IoT Enablement of Products
  • Hardware and Communication Engineering: IoT enablement requires integration of sensors and controllers and allowing it to communicate with the backend platforms. Happiest Minds can help in engineering connected products and suggesting the appropriate and secure communications channel to help create next generation infrastructure. This can directly lead to a much improved user experience thereby creating discernible differentiation and tangible business impact.
  • IoT Platform: Happiest Minds can help assess and recommend the right IoT platform and the deployment model to provide for ease of manageability. This means creation of the right workflows, dashboards with appropriate analytical modeling and integrations to help create a secure connected ecosystem. Happiest Minds can also help in setting up the infrastructure for monetization of data and APIs.
  • Persona based Digital Experience: Happiest Minds can help right from UX design to implementation to address various personas like end customers, field technicians, sales personnel, dealers, distributors, customer support etc. The experience is the key to adoption and business impact, everything else is technology.
IT Modernization and Automation
  • IT+OT Integration: Happiest Minds can enable IT and OT integration while helping you create a “Digital Factory” where Industrial Automation systems are integrated with design, engineering and enterprise software systems. This is made possible by the enablement of IP based communication, intelligent edge and technology shifts for SCADA, Historians and MES moving them to the cloud with technologies like Cloud, Big Data analytics and Digital Twin capabilities.
  • Customer Experience and Insights: IT systems which are customer facing need to work seamlessly with the website, eCommerce solutions, customer support interfaces and sentiment analysis systems. Happiest Minds enables all of this with the right blend of technologies like chatbots, artificial intelligence, NLP, PIM system implementations and customer support platforms with real-time information from IoT systems to name a few.
  • Business Process Automation: Happiest Minds brings in expertise in tools like UIpath, Blue Prism, Automation Anywhere and Power Automate among others to provide end-to-end design, development and delivery of process automation allowing customers to focus on business needs and core operations. This allows for increased productivity and efficiency along with optimized resourcing and costs.
Secure Managed Services
  • Infrastructure Operations Management: Happiest Minds helps in managing the infrastructure required for a manufacturing business and its operations. This infrastructure includes networks, compute, databases, applications, platforms, storage, containers et al. Happiest Minds can support this with its own remote NOC or help setup a NOC from the customer with a proven set of tools and systems. This includes ITIL based incident management, alert management, command center, and reporting based on SLAs aimed at delivering the following:
    1. Standardized and Cost Optimized IT Operations
    2. Increased Infrastructure Uptime and Efficiency
    3. Unified Visibility into Infrastructure
    4. Enhanced Operational Intelligence
    5. Consumerization of IT
    6. Automation Driven Agility
  • Business Operations Management: Digitization impacts the way business operations get run. The type of problems, issues and escalations can be very different from what they used to be before digitization. Happiest Minds can help setup the business operational muscle including L1/L2/L3 support, Application or Platform support along with support for the field force. This is further augmented by creation of the service level view and advanced analytics in terms of trends, drill down reports and event correlations.
  • Security Operations Management: One of the key risks which come along with digitization is security. Happiest Minds can help alleviate this risk with offerings around governance and risk compliance, infrastructure security with managed detection and response, identity and access management, advanced threat management, data and information security and IoT security. This is enabled by a host of packaged solutions and managed security operation centers. Some of the differentiators which we bring to the table are:
    1. Integrated security to enable hybrid cloud across enterprises, integrated security in DevOps and security requirements for IoT solutions.
    2. AI powered cybersecurity platform and solutions.
    3. Automation led security for enhanced incidents.
    4. Business application security assurance.
    5. Focused data privacy and security.


With the advent of OTT platforms and the ubiquity of hand-held devices of different shapes and sizes, the lines between traditional and new age media platforms have blurred significantly. As a result, there is greater competition than ever before to attract and retain eyeballs across various modes of entertainment. Everyone is looking to acquire more users, whether it be in streaming, broadcasting, podcasting or video gaming. In this rapidly changing landscape, it is imperative to be agile and constantly adapt to changing consumer needs – hence, companies are leveraging digital technologies like AI, ML, AR and VR to understand their users better, provide personalized and immersive experiences with multiple options and create greater stickiness.

Happiest Minds with its digital DNA has helped several media and entertainment companies build next generation products, platforms and digital systems that are driving transformative change. With our proven track record and our strong understanding of disruptive technologies, we can be the engineering partner that helps you in creating digital first and future ready solutions that place the customer at the heart of connected experiences.



OTT and Broadcasting

Traditional broadcasting has been undergoing a direct-to-consumer transformation for years which has accelerated in the last year due to the unforeseen COVID-19 pandemic. In this hyper competitive marketplace that is inundated with new users across a wide range of demographics, media companies are in a race to acquire more customers and build greater customer stickiness.

We help you with –

  • OTT apps and platforms.
  • AVOD – Free Ad supported Video and Ad- Supported subscription tiers.
  • Scheduling Optimization.
  • Data Platforms.
Immersive Experiences

With the increase in online channels for content consumption, consumers need to be provided with a 360-degree experience incorporating multiple channels of interaction. We can help you enable –

  • Mobile apps and in-content interactivity.
  • VR – watch parties and shared experiences.
  • Second screen experiences and other interactive elements.
User Engagement

As the popularity and adoption of OTA increases among consumers, one of the challenges is to build consumer loyalty given the plethora of options available. We help media companies build solutions which help in fostering continuous and personalized engagement with users. We do this by helping you create –

  • Original and Personalized Content
    1. Content Convergence and remixing experiences.
    2. Intelligent Content Creation – Create customer centric content based on consumption data.
    3. User generated and Micro Content.
  • Personalized Marketing – Targeted Ads and Dynamic Insertions.
  • Curated Recommendation – Discovery and marketing of content based on AI.
Sports Tech

The sports industry is seeing massive shifts in the way it uses digital tech not just to engage with fans but also in the way players performance is analyzed and teams are picked throughout the season. We help broadcasting companies, sports leagues, and franchises with – 

  • Fan engagement & Loyalty Programs.
  • Insights driven Content Personalization.
  • Smart Stadiums & Experience Management.
  • In-game Analytics and Interaction.
  • Player and Team Performance Management.

As part of the Hi-Tech landscape, Happiest Minds works closely with companies developing software and hardware products for industries such as enterprise or consumer software, semiconductors, networking, telecom and consumer electronics. As digital becomes all pervasive and the advantages enjoyed by traditional players with scale begin to erode, the market leaders will be the ones that are able to address the unique needs of heterogenous sub-segments that are each driven by a different set of market drivers. Digital technologies are critical in equipping businesses to deal with this emerging reality by building elasticity and agility to stay ahead in a dynamically changing marketplace.

Another major focus area for enterprises is to tap into the massive potential of disruptive technologies like IoT, Blockchain and Advanced Analytics to fundamentally reimagine their customer experience and build a sustainable business advantage. As a result, ISVs and Product companies need to move these technologies from lab to production while accelerating their time to market and embracing innovative models to build and maintain their products.

We at Happiest Minds have worked extensively with ISVs, Device OEMs and Product companies in helping them create robust, market ready offerings that are future ready and primed to add value.


Software Products and Platforms

Product Development has undergone a sea change over the last two decades and the timelines have drastically shrunk to capitalize on the fast-closing window of opportunities. With customer expectations and competitive dynamics necessitating new product releases to be rolled out as often as the seasons change, product developers need to constantly be on their toes. Happiest Minds with its deep technology background and domain expertise provides the necessary platforms, services, and solutions to ISVs & consumer focused tech companies. We work collaboratively to accelerate their product and technology roadmap, implement better software engineering practices, and rapidly productize their innovations and ideas. We provide –

  • Platform and Product Engineering
  • Modernization
  • Customer Experience
  • Security, Data Protection and Compliance
  • Cognitive QA
  • AI Ops

The ubiquity of smart phones and high-speed internet connections along with the emergence of platforms like Facebook, Instagram and YouTube has fundamentally changed the way content is created and consumed. This has resulted in a significant shift of advertising dollars to reach highly targeted customers with engaging, interactive, and often personalized content.

As a result, Marketing and Advertising technology should not only be equipped to deliver content at scale across various platforms and devices but also be able to ensure the right ads are shown to the right audience while accurately accounting for KPIs.

Happiest Minds has developed a nuanced understanding of the AdTech market and has worked with clients to address their challenges by leveraging technologies like AI to create a programmatic advertisement platform, contextual ad delivery and platforms to identify optimal advertisement channels and slots. We provide –

  • AI driven programmatic advertisement platforms
  • Measurement
  • Better User engagement
Consumer Electronics

For the longest time, the Consumer Electronics industry hadn’t changed much and the focus was simply on producing quality products while maintaining a tight leash on production costs. However, the advent of IoT has thrown up new possibilities to create connected customer experiences and leverage software to constantly improve hitherto static physical products. Happiest Minds with its deep expertise in IoT, AI and platform technologies helps clients in making their products IoT enabled to facilitate smart, secure, and connected customer experiences. We offer –

  • Personalized User Experiences
  • Feature additions using OTA
  • Creating on-Demand/Usage models
  • Use IoT data from the field to inform software updates and future product iterations.
Networking & Telecom

SDN (Software Defined Networking) and NFV (Network Function Virtualization) have captured people’s attention and are increasingly redefining the way networks are built and managed for a world that is modern, connected and always switched on. Happiest Minds has deep expertise in developing software centric open architecture based on SDN and NFV and combining it with server class commodity hardware to provide the desired intelligence in the network that makes it simple, agile, programmable, and flexible.

We bring with us a deep understanding of the open SDN & NFV ecosystem that taps into the latent potential of switches, routers, and network services to rise above the limitations of proprietary technologies. We work together with organizations in understanding their unique requirements to provide ‘state of the art’ product development using SDN, NFV, Blockchain, Cloud and Big Data & Analytics technologies.

We provide the following services – 

  • Protocols, Disaggregation, Programmable Data plane, DPDK, P4
  • Edge Networking & Cloud Networking: VNF / CNF
  • Network and service orchestration
  • Intent based networking
  • SDN controllers and SD-WAN applications

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Information: Factual knowledge about something or someone. Interested acquirer uses some of the available resources to obtain this knowledge.

This means that every information has a quantifiable value. With the paradigm shift from industrial to the digital era, most of the information is stored, processed, and shared digitally.

In addition to the cost of acquisition, the impacts of reputational losses entailing a data breach exponentially magnify the value of the information for enterprises, warranting diligent data protection, but its very nature imposes several challenges.


  • Being distributable leads to the increased surface area, thereby increasing attack chances
  • Its ‘omnipresent’ nature hides visibility and thereby reducing chances of being protected

Digital Data Flow

Security is a balancing act- ‘A necessary evil’  

A system locked in an iron safe, guarded with gunmen outside, makes the system quite secured but defeats its very purpose

  • Security professionals struggle to make the act balancing with technology advancements
  • Piecemeal implementations, product-oriented approach to protecting and lack of technology awareness add lesser value for money


A program structured to break the vicious cycle of balancing act alongside dealing with the agile nature of digital information.


  • Across heterogeneous environment
  • Detailed Data Flow Maps
  • Analyze your current data protection controls
  • Identify gaps & risk mitigation recommendation
  • Dynamic Data Classification
  • Content-driven, Context-driven, User-driven
  • Protect Data across disparate systems
  • Managed / Unmanaged devices, Network / Remote Access
Program & Strategize
  • Simplify Zero-trust adoption
  • Evolving Data Protection strategy against exploding threat landscape
  • Continuous compliance to dynamic privacy regulations


As we enter a new decade, the debate isn’t whether businesses should embrace the cloud but to what extent can they leverage a cloud-based model as a strategic driver of business advantage.

It is quite apparent that most businesses have adopted cloud computing in a major way to create a seamless customer experience and drive operational efficiencies. While consumer focused industry segments like education, telephony, retail, e-commerce, media, and entertainment were the leaders in cloud adoption, industrial entities have now made significant strides with the cloud as well.

There has been a marked shift towards an app economy where mobile only applications and services have become an integral part of our lives. The other crucial development has been the emergence of subscription based solutions that has created new revenue models, billing methods and delivery channels, while completely disrupting the technology and service delivery landscape.

Happiest Minds’ Cloud and SaaS offerings help our clients create solutions that are scalable, secure, and ready to create business impact. We bring immense experience in Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud platforms to help you enhance your solutions while driving measurable cost savings.



Digital Cloud Foundry

We are one of the leaders in providing high-quality cloud software engineering services for leading solution providers and emerging technology companies. We use our accumulated technology and industry expertise to become a strategic partner of choice for delivering complex cloud solutions across a range of verticals for our customers.

  • Rapid Prototyping: From concept to prototype, Happiest Minds helps customers build and test concepts faster.
  • Minimum Viable Product (MVP): As part of the digital could foundry we help our clients by conceptualizing and build MVPs.
  • Digital Engineering Audit and Roadmap: Helping customers define a product or solution roadmap and engineer them for a sustainable digital future.
Engineering Digital Cloud Platform

At Happiest Minds, we help clients take advantage of the limitless possibilities that cloud offers, while accelerating their journey to the Cloud economy. Our cloud implementation offerings are meant to find innovative ways to optimize operations, regulate information access, aid application development and capitalize on market expansion opportunities. We provide –

  • Design, build, deploy, test, and sustain cloud optimized platform, leveraging cloud native services.
  • Modernize applications using microservices and or serverless design leveraging containers and DevSecOps on cloud platform.
  • Capacity planning and optimized cloud storage for scalable and optimized storage.
  • Integration of on-premise, and cloud services.
  • Continuous delivery of cloud application using automation and DevOps tools.
  • Cloud IoT.
  • Cloud Distribute Ledger Technology services offered by AWS and Azure.
  • Security by Design.
  • Scalability, resiliency, and constant monitoring.
Distributed Multi Cloud Engineering

A new wrinkle in Cloud Computing is the arrival of the distributed cloud, which refers to having computation, storage and networking in multiple locations managed and serviced by one or more providers. This brings in a new paradigm of cloud computing by distributing the compute and storage at different locations, while keeping the consumer closer.


  • Network Scalability: Low data transfer due to edge clouds. Tradeoffs between compute and data storage
  • Low Latency: Edge cloud could be closer to the consumer of the application, storage. Increases response time
  • Risk Management: Help protects from outages due to distributed cloud configuration at infrastructure level, provide faster time to recover in distress situation. Low risk of security attacks
  • Cost Performance: Lower risk of down time. Different cloud is good in different things thus providing boost of efficiency and dropping cost
Cloud Migration

Cloud Migration is the process of moving application, data and all related components and elements from local on-premise data centers to cloud infrastructure. This also includes moving data and application from one cloud infrastructure to another, which is a cloud-to-cloud migration.

Why migrate from on-premise to Cloud:

  • In today’s times, a business can hit a sudden growth spurt and they wouldn’t want this expansion to be limited by hardware constraints. Cloud infrastructure provides the flexibility to scale up or down based on business needs.
  • Security is taken care of at the infrastructure and application layers as cloud providers now have the most robust security programs.
  • Scaling during peak seasons of a business is adequately addressed as cloud providers enable run time scaling without manual intervention.
  • Unmatched cost efficiencies as businesses are charged only for what they use and any hardware investments that are required are a fraction of running a local data center.

Why migrate from cloud to cloud?

  • Business specific cloud native services provided by other cloud providers
  • Enhanced and better services.
  • Better performance and security.
  • Cost effective.

We at Happiest Minds assist our clients with their cloud migration efforts across all three major cloud providers – Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud. With our immense experience across these platforms, we help businesses to re-design the application and data keeping the various cloud native and cloud agnostic services, as needed, provided by the cloud provider.

Having helped several clients across industries migrate to the cloud, we bring our experience to bear that results in eliminating mistakes and ensuring a smooth migration.

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