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Security is fundamental to ensuring business continuity, trust, value, and reputation. And as internal and external threats or attacks have evolved and continue to infect our digital space, Zero Trust Architecture (ZTA) assumes its key role and function in preserving the system’s confidentiality and integrity of sensitive data.

The ZTA principle requires that no user, system, network, or services deployed and operating either inside or outside the network is trusted. All access must be explicitly verified leveraging authentication, authorization before granting access to any entity and continuous evaluation and monitoring is done for all such connections/ sessions.

By adopting Zero Trust, organizations gain proactive and intelligent security that is agile, monitors user actions, detects anomalies and attacks in real-time, and embraces dynamic work models in a complex environment today to offer enhanced data protection and productivity.

Happiest Minds Zero Trust Approach

The Happiest Minds Zero Trust strategy adopts an elaborate model for assessment, reduction, and management of vulnerabilities to project the impact of possible cyber-attacks, mitigate risks, and meet privacy regulations.

Our experts work with you to fuel your Zero Trust Security innovation and transformation strategy by:



Consulting Services
  • Zero Trust Architecture (ZTA) Readiness assessment
  • Zero Trust Architecture (ZTA) adoption roadmap
  • Zero Trust identity (ZTI) Architecture assessment and roadmap
  • Zero Trust Network Architecture (ZTNA) assessment
Transformation Services
  • Identity and Access management
  • End point Security and compliance
  • Zero Trust Network Architecture (ZTNA) Solutions
  • Network segmentation and Micro segmentation
  • Data, Applications and Cloud Security
Management Services


Cyber Security has become one of the top priorities in today’s hyper-connected fast-growing technologies like cloud, mobile, and virtualization, making the lives of security professionals more challenging. Building multiple layers of security on the perimeter such as VPNs, access controls, firewalls, IDS, IPS, SIEMs and email gateways are no longer considered fully effective. It needs to be combined with Privileged Access Management.

Most of the cybersecurity professionals believe Privileged Access Management (PAM) as a critical initiative and a requirement to demonstrate compliance with regulations, but most of them fail to implement an appropriate level of PAM controls due to

  •  Complex IT environment
  •  A narrow focus on a point PAM solution
  •  Overwhelming integration needs
  •  Limited resources and expertise

It is not that deploying a Privileged Access Management (PAM) solution in your organization makes you risk-free. Still, it requires a solid PAM strategy to protect the organization’s assets and fast track the process towards becoming compliant. Privileged Access Management plays a vital role while implementing Zero Trust Architecture in your organizations by enhancing the control to manage remote access.

Benefits of PAM Solution


PAMaaS powered by CyberArk Service Offerings

Happiest Minds Privileged Access Management as a Service (PAMaaS)- powered by CyberArk provides organizations with one stop solution to address their privilege account management requirements end to end. Our PAMaaS suite leverages strong security controls provided by CyberArk and presents our customers with flexible deployment options, lower TCO, faster ROI, easier adoption of industry best practices and is heralded by certified professionals and Cybersecurity leaders.


All in one pricing
  • End-to-End Accountability
  • Product Licensing
  • Strategic Planning and Solution Design
  • Deployment and Maintenance
  • Robust Governance Framework and Clear Communication
Design, Implement & Integrate
  • Built-in Redundancy with High Availability and Disaster Recovery on Distributed geo-locations
  • Multiple Deployment methodology – SaaS, Cloud, or On-Premises
  • Highly Scalable and Extendable Design Approach for Agility
Operate & Support
  • Virtual CTO Consulting for PAM Advisory and Best Practice Recommendation
  • Certified Consultants with Referenceable Credentials and Domain Expertise
  • Flexible BAU Support Options:
  • 8X5; 24X7; 24X5
  • On call support
  • L1/L2; L3 only or L1/L2/L3 support



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