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Providing the right products and services from infinite variations is a huge challenge that retailers experience, in this age of ecommerce revolution. Smart retailers are looking for innovative and intelligent ways to recommend the right product or service to their customers. Anticipating customer behavior at a much granular level and providing recommendations based on it is one of the most efficient ways to increase sales conversions as well as customer experience. Recommendation engines with their ability to predict consumer behavior based on physiological factors play a key role in increasing the sales conversions as well as providing a memorable customer experience.

iRecommend from Happiest Minds is an innovative – psychology-based personalization and recommendation system, empowered by intelligent data analytics, to provide a deeper understanding of the customer. It provides powerful predictive models and helps marketers identify new market segments, new prospects and leads at a lower cost and increase revenue growth and sustenance.


iRecommend driven by analytics helps retailers in identifying the right products, services, campaign and content for the right customers at the right time. It makes use of social media platforms, click stream, mobile usage, location, demographic and product category data, driven by psychological motives and product association algorithms.

The iRecommend platform covers the whole array of recommendation algorithms from collaborative filtering to psychology based recommendations thereby helping smart retailers understand all transactions, visualize customer journeys and provide the insights which are needed to create a seamless customer experience. The deep analytics capabilities of the platform will help the businesses gather insights and measure the success of customer’s engagement and help in understanding the constant changing needs of the shoppers. With iRecommend retailers can also deliver personalized, custom, content related recommendations.

Features & Benefits

  • Best-in-class algorithms
  • Driven by human psyche
  • Guided, visual and customizable approach
  • Industry-specific algorithms
  • Scenario specific customization
  • Built-in optimization capabilities
  • Access to a larger pool of customer data
  • Automated database validation
  • Clone your perfect customers
  • Gain better insights on customer behavior
  • Drive customer engagement
  • Deliver the right content for the right customer at the right time
  • Increased traffic and sales conversions
  • Increase in average order value


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