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Digital Signage – The future of Customer Experience
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Happiest Minds completes its third full financial year and we feel it is time to launch our customer newsletter - Digital Insights.

First, let me tell you who we are and what Happiest Minds stands for. We are a company focused on Digital Transformation, be it in providing enterprise solutions, supporting agile infrastructure for a digital environment or creating products / platforms for our customers.

We enable Digital Transformation through our expertise in integrating disruptive SMAC technologies (Social, Mobile, Analytics / Big Data and Cloud) plus Unified Communication and Internet of Things.
Transforming Retail with Innovative Technology Solutions
'Digital Transformation' as a concept is beginning to grasp the imagination of both, the business and technology stakeholders in most industries today. While the interest in the topic is pervasive, an agreement on what it means and how to leverage its potential, remains elusive.

At Happiest Minds, we look at Digital Transformation as the coming together of SMAC technologies, biz-processes, current IT system s& insights for enabling sustained differentiation for an organization in the area of Customer Experience and/or Business efficiency..
happiest minds Importance of Next Generation Firewall in Security Infrastructure
Appliances are proliferating. Thanks to shorter buying cycles, product that are easy to use
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Businesses have always used data for preparing reports, analyzing trends and making forecasts.
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Karthi shares Happiest Minds’ perspective on the rise of DevOps as a key to overcome software delivery challenges.
happiest minds Choosing The Ideal M2M Platform for Your Enterprise IoT
Enterprises today face many challenges when it comes to choosing the right Machine to Machine (M2M) platform architecture.
happiest minds Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)
Changing business conditions, newer threats, and a steep rise in the number of events
happiest minds Assisted Mobility Solution – Customer Experience, Commerce & Support
Increasing affordability combined with rapid advances in technology and infrastructure
About Happiest Minds
Happiest Minds enables Digital Transformation for enterprises and technology providers by delivering seamless customer experience, business efficiency and actionable insights through an integrated set of disruptive technologies: big data analytics, internet of things, mobility, cloud, security, unified communications etc.
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