Delivering Solid, Sustainable Performance

Performance Highlights FY21


Chairman's Letter

The Happiest Minds of 2031 will be very, very different from the Company of 2021 and we expect that articulating the Vision will help us prepare for the change, which will surely arrive.

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Executive Board’s Letter

The Executive Board conveys its deep appreciation to our Happiest Minds who did everything possible to support each other as a family in these adverse times.

Our 5-year Vision: foreSIGHT

Vision 1

Be the Happiness Evangelists for each other, our Customers and Society

Vision 2

Achieve a very successful IPO

Vision 3

Be known as the company with highest standards of Corporate Governance

Vision 4

Be recognized for Thought Leadership in our focused areas of technology and solutions

Vision 5

Be a leader in Social Responsibility initiatives

Building a Scalable Business Model

Diversified Revenues Across Verticals, Technologies, Customers and Geography.

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