What does Sustainability mean for Happiest Minds

Our philosophy is simple – happiest people make happiest customers. People are an integral part of our business and their happiness is of utmost importance. Our systems, policies, and practices are crafted to foster an open culture, enabling our people to discover their potential and participate in shaping their own work-life experience.

Our mission statement is a simple:

Happiest People . Happiest Customers

Our five-fold vision is to:

  1. Be the Happiness Evangelists for each other, our Customers and Society
  2. Achieve a very successful IPO
  3. Be known as the company with highest standards of Corporate Governance
  4. Be recognized for Thought Leadership in our focused areas of technology and solutions
  5. Be a leader in Social Responsibility initiatives

We are happy to have accomplished one of the vision during the fiscal which was to take the Company public. The Employee Stock Option (ESOP) covered most of the Happiest Minds on roll as of January 2020, the listing event provided opportunities to many Happiest Minds to create value out of their association with the Company. The event also reaffirmed our belief in our mission and vision as we onboarded a new set of investors who validated our positioning.

Resonating with our mission, our core values, which form the acronym SMILES, describes our ethos and guide our behaviour:


Culture of teamwork and sharing knowledge and wealth


Attentive, caring, heedful. Mindful of our responsibilities


Respect our commitments internally and externally, not just in letter, but also in spirit. Creating an organization that stands for fiscal, social and professional integrity


A culture that rewards self-development and innovation


High aspirations for global excellence backed by a strong action orientation

Social Responsibility

Good corporate citizen with a special emphasis on environmental responsibility and driving inclusivity in the workplace