Culture of Happiness Evangelism

With a simple, yet, lofty mission of “Happiest People . Happiest Customers”, our Company focuses on the twin themes of disruptive technologies and people happiness. Our name reflects our mission and is indicative of the culture that we have built. Our logo was crowd sourced with the winning design – “The Happy Person” depicting Our Being, Our Belonging and Our Becoming.

Five years after the launch, Happiest Minds became the first Indian IT firm to be ‘The Mindful IT Company’, a logical extension of our happiness brand positioning. And now, we are also a ‘Born Digital . Born Agile’ Company.

Sharon S. Rajkumar, PhD
Happiness Evangelist

Happiness is an esoteric concept – one that we aspire to every single day, yet one that eludes us. While happiness is a personal, conscious choice, Happiness Evangelism is an imperative, a responsibility that all Happiest Minds carry. It is in sharing happiness by focusing on the importance of relationships, kindness and helping one another…where we do things to bring smiles around us. Ordinary things that can bring about extraordinary change. We believe that every, single Happiest Mind is a Happiness Evangelist for each other, for our customers and for society. One who appreciates and empathizes, one who is kind and courteous, polite and helpful,increases harmony and collaboration, is calm, someone who goes the extra mile to deliver results, to keep one’s internal and external customers happy.

We work with our mission. When our people are mindful and empathetic, it rubs off on to our customers who find value and satisfaction in working with us. And that makes good business sense. Our customers have been delighted with our company’s happiness philosophy. They constantly give us feedback about how they see the S.M.I.L.E.S. value displayed and the pleasure of interacting with happy people.

It is a matter of pride for us at Happiest Minds to see the impact we have made on the lives of our people by fostering a sense of purpose, by forming collaborative communities and by fashioning the capacity to make choices.

Programs such as Mindfulness Training, Happiness Heroes, SMILES Shorts, HappiZest – our Wellness initiative, along with a culture of listening through the annual Happiest People Pulse Survey & Customer Happiness Survey, the real-time Happometer, the external Great Place to Work® Survey and Mithra – the Good Samaritan Counselling Program, helps gather feedback and derive action items, to achieve the overarching principle of creating and sustaining a great place to work. Our CSR program, Circle of Happiness, executes a process for leveraging our capabilities, building a social engagement program and contributing to socially relevant causes; d’CARBON (Clean, Assured and Responsible Building of Outcomes towards Neutrality) makes a difference to the environment and aligns corporate values with actions.

‘Happiness Evangelism’ and ‘Mindfulness’ are two sides of the same coin that needs investment of time, talent and treasure. Your Company provides the enabling functions to internalize and institutionalize these as actionable activities to enable the happiness of our people.

Every single day is pregnant with meaning and purpose. Our continuing endeavor of creating and sustaining Happiest People and Happiest Customers has been successful even during unprecedented times like these.

Happiest Minds is the Mindful IT
Company that offers:

The individual, an environment to live in the moment and perform with purpose;

The customer, a trustworthy partnership, by living our core values; and

The community, contributions as an empathetic corporate citizen.

The focus is on:

Being Mindful which involves living in the moment; and

Doing Mindful which involves perceiving immersively, processing non-judgmentally & performing empathetically.

Being Mindful to the needs of our members by establishing people-centric Practices & Policies has resulted in higher people satisfaction. We have been consistently ranked high in Great Place to Work® Institute and Glassdoor® ratings.