Expressing Gratitude is ingrained in our culture. Leadership or Team meetings start with an expression of gratitude. We believe that being grateful for the many things we have received increases our set point for happiness. Research has also validated this. At Happiest Minds, all meetings commence with spending some time expressing gratitude or silently being grateful. We institutionalize gratitude as a ritual by encouraging our people to freely use SMILES Cards which are placed at the reception in all our three facilities. We encourage Happiest Minds to use these for colleagues, family, and friends so that this ritual will cascade and have far-reaching benefits for a kind, compassionate and happy society. We also encourage our people to use the iAPPRECIATE Portal to appreciate or thank a colleague.

• Go Gratitude:

A note of gratitude is sent to the family of the Happiest Mind to say how happy we are that they are one of our valued Happiest Mind and that we are very proud of and grateful to their contribution to the Company.

• Say It With SMILES:

The SMILES Card is used to reach out to fellow Happiest Minds, family, and friends. It is used to express gratitude,to acknowledge, appreciate, recognize, heal, forgive… The Way to Be Happy is to make others Happy, for happiness is itself a kind of gratitude.

Work-from-Home Support during the Pandemic

The Internal First Responder team, BU People Practice, respective managers and team members support the affected members in many ways, including financial support, insurance, logistics, hospital admission procedures, counseling, and medical leaves for the recovery period.

Policies and Benefits

  • Introduced COVID leaves for Happiest Minds

  • System changes created to support policy

  • Voluntary COVID Policy with minimal premium, to cover the member and family

  • 1,000 members touched by MITHRA – The Good Samaritan Program

  • Financial support with loans/salary advances for the pandemic

  • VSafe – Vaccination Tracking System

COVID Support

  • Internal First Responder Team providing real-time support

  • COVID Microsite for real-time information related to new guidelines by Govt, Precautions, Internal Responder team contacts, Organization communication

  • Effective work-from-home guidelines and Back to office plans

  • Medical Tele-consultation for Happiest Minds and family members who are infected with SARS-COV2

  • COVID Task Force, Internal First Responder Teams supporting members in need

  • Support given to travelers returning from other Geos

  • Higher team connect, Leadership touch points

  • COVID Tracker

  • Back-up team members / managers

Succession Planning

We have a systematic approach to ensuring leadership continuity within an organization by recruiting and/or encouraging individual Happiest Minds to grow and take up key leadership roles. It is important to ensure that succession planning is closely tied to our long-term business strategy and goals. As a process, we engage with our executive and senior leaders and clearly define the development of key talent and ensure that the successor understands his/her role in the process and knows what is expected of them. We do a Talent Risk assessment at regular intervals and make required interventions in time.

Wellness Programs (HappiZest)

Our wellness is themed around 8Ws – Social, Emotional, Spiritual, Environmental, Physical, Intellectual, Professional and Financial Wellness.

Aligned with the philosophy of Happiest Minds, the well-being of people has been an important element of the culture of Happiest Minds. The Happiest Minds’ Wellness Program constitutes the 8Ws of Physical Wellness, Spiritual Wellness, Intellectual Wellness, Professional Wellness, Social Wellness, Emotional Wellness, Financial Wellness and Environmental Wellness. These are nurtured by aligning activities, logistics, facilities and the expertise of the organization through an array of Wellness schemes and initiatives.

The new virtual reality has posed several challenges that has put the business and people under unknown risk and uncertainty. It had become much more important for Happiest Minds to focus on the well-being of people to live up to our mission in these unprecedented difficult times. The virtual world requires a different mode and perspective to address the challenges related to emotional, physical, and financial wellbeing. A varied range of initiatives were conceptualized, designed and launched to ensure the suitability to virtual world, inclusion of family members, greater emphasis on mental wellbeing, dealing with challenges related to social isolation and continuous work-from-home. There has been a wholehearted commitment from the Company to enable its members to take care of themselves and their dear ones in this locked-in situation.

The Wellness initiatives at Happiest Minds, HappiZest refers to one’s experience of the ‘Joy of Living’. HappiZest and its purpose aligns with the mission of the Company to foster an open culture, enabling our people discover their potential and participate in shaping their own work-life experience and increase engagement.

The HappiZest Council explores activities, builds habits and inspires others. The council has representation of members across business, location and age group, to understand, identify, conceptualize and launch initiatives for the team.

HappiZest is driven by 3 As – Aware (Being aware of your needs), Act (continuously act to make it a habit), Achieve (Experience and Achieve the transformation by sustenance) applied to the key pillars of Emotional Wellbeing, Physical Wellbeing, Financial Wellbeing and Social Wellbeing which support in achieving holistic wellbeing.

Wellness during the Pandemic:

1. COVID-19 Relief Team:

COVID microsite and Yammer page providing all relevant inputs from internal and external sources on COVID, COVID taskforce and Internal First Responder team to attend to any COVID positive case of members or their family by providing counseling and any other support required to sail through this. We also have tele-medical consultations for our people and their family members.

2. Work guidelines for Virtual office:

Conscious emphasis and practice from leadership and managers to declare every Wednesday as “No Meeting Day”, Pre-declared time for each working day as “No meeting time zone”, discouraging working on weekends/holidays, strongly encouraging people to take breaks/personal time off to avoid burnout.

3. Adaption to Virtual World:

Happiest Minds was able to enable Work From Home (WFH) for the complete workforce from Day 1 of lockdown. While the basic infrastructure and support was provided to enable WFH, there have been continuous programs to physically and emotionally adapt and enable WFH. Programs like Free one-on-one Ergonomics consultation, Ergonomics chairs at discounted rates, Awareness on Ergonomics in the home environment, Self-Assessment on Ergonomics, Periodic, explicit and transparent communication from leadership on COVID-related impact to the organization, business, upcoming plans, expectation from individuals and so on continued well through the pandemic. Others include informative communication series with collaborative inputs from the team on parenting during lockdown, curated content from various sources on tips and practices for emotional wellbeing for self, parents, elderly and children, Continuous engagement and Involvement of people, their family and children in engagement programs like Talent Show, Music hour, Hobby-related workshops, lockdown recipes and so on.

4. Enabling Creativity / Hobbies:

A collaborated session where our members or their family including children, with expertise in any arts/crafts/hobby conduct an engaging workshop on arts and crafts, ranging from Origami, Painting, Doodling, Mandala Art etc. to encourage others enjoy and take up a hobby. We have organized 8 workshops under this theme in FY21, where 850+ members attended the workshops and provided a feedback of 4.9 (out of 5).

5. Self-Care:

Series of initiatives focusing on self-care related to financial planning – managing finances during COVID, retirement plan, emotional wellbeing – expert talks related to destressing, sleep assessment, digital detox, virtual physical fitness challenge, ergonomics assessment, Doctor Tele consultation. We have organized 4 workshops under this theme in FY21, where 400+ members attended the workshops and provided a feedback of 4.7 (out of 5).

MITHRA - The Good Samaritan Program

We truly live in uncertain, complex, and ambiguous times, and the recent changes in the environment are a perfect example of this. There are times in our personal and professional lives when the pressures and the anxieties of life and living, uncertainties & constant changes and need to adapt to those changes, place enormous stress on us, and takes its toll. During these times, it is important to find someone trustworthy to talk to, someone with a sympathetic, listening ear. MITHRA – The Good Samaritan Program is precisely for that purpose.


– The Good Samaritan Program

MITHRA is a team of Happiest Minds’ Volunteers who have committed to be available to listen, to help you deal with whatever it is that one is going through.

They are available to take calls or respond to mails 24/7, to help one process whatever it is that they are going through, in safety, acceptance and confidentiality.

In FY21, Team Mithra has connected with over 1,000 Happiest Minds

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