Delivering Solid, Sustainable Performance

FY21: Top line increased 11.7% YoY led by strong performance across every business unit, geography and center of excellence. The average annual revenue per customer increased to US$634,000 from US$615,000 and the count of billion dollar corporations as customers increased to 46 from 37 in the previous year.

FY21: EBITDA margins expanded by 1,120 basis points led by revenue growth, improved utilization, realization and lower attrition of Happiest Minds. Lower overheads on the growing scale and pandemic related savings i.e. reduced rentals due to work-from-home, reduced travel and visa cost and other administrative cost also contributed to improved operational performance.

FY21: PAT increased by 126% for the year. The Effective Tax Rate (ETR) is at 12.7%.

FY21: Strong and consistent Free Cash Flow generation at close to 100% of EBITDA

Industry leading returns on capital