Driven by a Unique Vision

The happiness and prosperity of all stakeholders is the key to success. At HappiestMinds, we have institutionalized this simple thought into our mindful approach which enables our success and drives us towards excellence.

Our mindful approach of doing business is focused on enabling the happiness of our people which leads to happiest customers. Our systems, policies and practices are designed to foster an open, mindful culture, which helps people to discover their potential and participate in shaping their own work experience. This is supported by predictive factors that we have identified to enable happiness – fairness, transparency and joy in the workplace at an organizational level and wellness, enriched personal life and giving back to society at an individual level.

We seek to inculcate a diverse and inclusive organizational culture with mindfulness and gratitude, held together by our SMILES values (Sharing, Mindful, Integrity, Learning, Excellence and Social Responsibility). We also emphasize sustained social engagement in our wider communities. We promote Happiness Evangelism as a business imperative where every team member is a happiness evangelist to one another, to customers and society.

This approach has enabled us to attract, train and retain talented IT professionals who create a differentiation in delivering value proposition to our customers. These experienced professionals and our ability to deliver custom solutions have led to a culture of software engineering excellence.