Responding to COVID-19

Since the outbreak of the pandemic in December 2019, the world is continuously adapting and readapting to challenges posed by the outbreak. We began the fiscal with almost all Happiest Minds working from home in what was called the world’s strictest and harshest lockdown. We had a record-breaking public listing of the Company in September 2020 all of which was executed digitally in a remote environment. As the year was coming to an end, it appeared that things were in control as the rate of new infections ebbed. However, the situation became grim when most countries reported a second wave of infections at the beginning of the calendar year. India was not immune as can be seen with the huge spike in infections starting late March and April. During the year, the Executive Board and the COOs responded proactively to ensure the well-being of Happiest Minds and enable them to stay safe, and work with minimal disruption to clients.

Governing our Response
Happiest Minds follows a well-defined Business Continuity Plan (BCP) that guides our response to natural or human-made calamities and disasters, which could disrupt or severely contain our operations. The BCP program addresses all aspects of business continuity – Governance, Situation Monitoring, Risk Assessment, Mitigation Planning & Tracking, Stakeholder Communication, Liaison with external entities and Scenario Planning.

Specific Response Actions
Early March 2020, Happiest Minds had formed a task force to drive the transition to work-from-home and ensure business continuity. The task force worked round the clock to ensure that there was minimal disruption to delivery across our seven operating geos. As the impact of the pandemic differed across the countries, the task force proactively brought in targeted responses to each of our operating geos. Some of the key measures that were implemented:

1. BCP:
To ensure smooth functioning and to continue to delight our customers, a robust Business Continuity Plan was put in place. Back-up managers and team members were provided in the unfortunate event that one should fall ill.

2. Mithra:
The Good Samaritan Program consists of a team of volunteers who are committed to counsel Happiest Minds and be available to listen to them, in safety, acceptance and confidentiality. During the fiscal, FY21, Team Mithra has been able to provide emotional and counselling support to over 1,000 Happiest Minds.

3. Internal First Responder (IFR) Team:
An Internal First Responder Team was formed with representatives from the various Business Units and Centers of Excellence across geographies. The IFR team member is the first person that someone reaches out to, for themselves or for their families. The IFR team member assists in guiding the Happiest Mind to the various resources that are available, such as, leave, loan, advance, hospitalization, oxygen, medication and so on. The team also meets periodically to keep up-to-date with the various Government notifications. This meeting is a safe space for the IFR team to connect, collaborate, air their concerns and share challenges faced. The IFR team, therefore, provides real-time support.

4. COVID-19 Insurance for Happiest Minds:
This is in addition to the Medical Insurance.

5. COVID Leave:
There are 3 different types of leave under COVID leave.
      a. Hospitalization / Institutional quarantine – Up to a max of 20 days
      b. Home Isolation – Up to 14 days
      c. Family Care – Up to 5 days (Immediate Family)

6. Leave Donation program

7. Medical Tele-consultation for Happiest Minds and their families

8. Salary Advances & Compassionate Loans are provided to Happiest Minds

9. Partnering with vendors for ergonomically designed chairs to help a smooth working from home

10. VSafe:
Vaccination Tracking System – Happiest Minds who have been vaccinated update details in the portal for themselves and for their family members. The system also sends them reminders when the second dose in the dosing schedule is due.

11. Frequent Sanitization of office spaces

12. Back to Office Taskforce:
A taskforce was created with representation across the Company to evaluate the return to office. Subsequently, it was discussed that the team will continue working from home until December 31, 2021 or until the pandemic abates.

13. Periodic communication from the Executive Board

14. Wellness Programs facilitated by the HappiZest team

15. COVID-19 insurance for facilities / admin / security staff.