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Digital Business Services (DBS)

Enhancing business outcomes with digital modernization and transformation

32,887 Lacs

Revenue in FY 2021-22


Revenue contribution in FY 2021-22

External Environment

We are operating in a digital era where rapid technology changes are disrupting and transforming enterprises, societies, and everything in between. In the past decade, digital adoption and transformation have significantly increased as companies strive to enhance efficiency through automation and build competitiveness by integrating data to better understand customer needs and make data-driven decisions. This has accelerated post pandemic with enterprises increasingly using digital for customer interactions and data to improve efficiency and predict business outcomes.

Business Overview

We help companies enable and catalyze their innovation and digital transformation journey to drive growth, performance, and revenue. We enable your digital transformation - by creating Digital Capital and elevate your business with Mindful 4E framework that stands for Explore, Envision, Engineer, and Enhance. We believe in helping customers meet their BUSINESS GOALS by ‘DELIVERING DIGITAL CAPITAL’ at each step of their DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION JOURNEY through outcomes and insights. Using API economy, next-gen tech, and insights, we enable our customers to provide a better customer experience, empower employees, optimize operations, and help transform their business model via path-breaking innovations.

Our process is meticulous, efficient and result-driven. 'Born Digital . Born Agile', we believe in delivering business goals by leveraging technologies that create a digitally resilient ecosystem.

Our End-to-End Digital Offerings

We provide end-to-end solutions right from innovating, building, maintaining, re-engineering and migrating in the following areas:

The innovative tech that Happiest Minds implemented at Coca-Cola Bottling Company United garnered attention at Microsoft Inspire on 14th July 2021 and was highlighted during the Keynote by Satya Nadella, CEO, Microsoft.

Watch at 20:10 mins:


While building this solution along with Happiest Minds, we resurrected high-value strategic projects that we couldn’t tackle before because of the constraints of legacy apps. We feel empowered to take advantage of any future opportunities that the business provides us.
- Bob Means

Director of Business Solutions

Coca-Cola Bottling Company United

Case Study

Delivering IoT platform that provides AI services and tools for machine learning

Happiest Minds collaborated with DYWIDAG to design and build infrastructure intelligence via a connected IoT digital platform to drive market expansion, data-as-a-service (DaaS), and a better end-customer experience. The sensor agnostic, plug-and-play platform provides DYWIDAG customers with contextualized data from multiple systems and real-time, unified sensor data with intuitive dashboard that features maps, site location photographs, GPS sensor locations, alert status, and visual representation of data in graphical, tabular, and chart formats.

Business Value Delivered

The platform created in partnership with Happiest Minds helps DYWIDAG’s customers better understand their data via the analytics and insights it generates. Customers can now lay the foundation to build predictive performance, control costs, and improve device management. The platform has led to increased revenue and profitability and enhanced customer experiences. It has also boosted customers’ security and extended their assets' lifespan.

Case Study

Digital transformation project for streamlining order management

We have been working with the Coca-Cola Bottling Company United on multiple areas of digital initiatives. The most recent engagement was when Happiest Minds successfully executed a digital transformation project for Coca-Cola Bottling Company United for streamlining its order management with Technology Transformation in Microsoft Power Automate.

We leveraged Microsoft Automate (UI flow) for the robotics process automation and AI features to extract invoice information from PDF files, Auto email reader on order confirmation, shipment & invoicing, Admin dashboard to manage exception.

Business Value Delivered

The digital initiative was closely tied with the business goals of the company, and the solution was able to deliver on multiple aspects. The implementation led to a more efficient order processing - a faster way to process on-demand shipment requests (forced shipments) from customers and better supplier integration. It reduced labor costs, minimized the various points of error in the solution, and rapidly expanded the local Freestyle campaign to better support our customers.

This implementation led to:
  • Immediate realization of 1 plus FTE hours freed up for more strategic activities
  • Cost avoidance of up to 10 FTEs/ bottler as the Freestyle Campaign was scaled to include North America
  • Enabling all other Coke Bottlers (11 in US, 100+ global)