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Deploying Hybrid Identity using Azure AD

Today, most of the organization are adopting the concept of a hybrid model, where they use the combination of on-prem infrastructure and cloud platform to deploy applications and data...


Importance of Dark Web Monitoring

The Internet is immense and continuously developing, and most of us scratch only the surface. Search engine like Google, Yahoo, Bing, and more shows only 4% of the overall data available on the internet. To access the additional 96% requires…


Cloud Computing Security

Cloud Computing Security or Cloud Security refers to protecting data, applications and infrastructure from unauthorized users or hackers. It is a set of controls based on technology designed to respond to unexpected threats by alerting the user. Cloud Security uses…


Digital Workforce

A digital workforce is an adaptable team of software robots that works together in cooperation with human employees to accomplish repeated processes...


Robotic Process Automation – Pros & Cons

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a trending word in the industry of information & technology, it assures to bring a change from the traditional way of doing business, and IT operations in organizations...


Data Security & Privacy

Digital technology has become a part of life, and it plays a prominent role in almost every business type, be it online shopping to banking to government infrastructure. With constant development in technology, businesses hold huge risks of data leakage…


Cloud Access Security Broker

Cloud access security brokers (CASBs) is a cloud-based security policy enforcement points between cloud service consumers and cloud service providers which monitors all activity and enforces enterprise security policies. CASBs combine different types of security policy enforcement which includes authentication, single…


Cloud Identity Access Management (Cloud IAM)

Cloud Identity Access Management - An Identity Access Management is a framework of business process, policies and technologies that facilitate the management of electronic or digital identities. This can be deployed on-premises, provided by the third-party vendor through a cloud-based…


IoT Security

Today Security has become the major concern in almost all the industries with billions of IoT devices used worldwide. IoT Security is a technology that secures IoT (internet of things) devices and the network from cyber threats ensuring safety and…

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