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Product Engineering Services (PES)

Engineering excellence to build the next-generation of smart, secure, and connected products and platforms

52,310 Lacs

Revenue in FY 2021-22


Revenue contribution in FY 2021-22

External Environment

The global PES market is expected to grow steadily at a CAGR of 11.3% between 2019 and 2025. The offshore delivery of software products is on the rise and with the increase in service providers that deliver the necessary requirements on this front; market growth is expected to be aggressive in the coming years.

Business Overview

We engineer next-generation products and platforms across software and hardware that power digital evolution and provide end-to-end engineering services for developing high-quality, scalable, and secure products. We have expertise in core technologies (cloud, mobile UI/UX, hardware & embedded, DevOps) and emerging technologies (blockchain, AI, edge computing, drones and computer vision) across edutech, hi-tech, media and entertainment, healthcare & life sciences, industry, and manufacturing sectors. These provide us with a competitive advantage and have enabled us to build smart and connected product solutions and services.

While the market landscape is expected to be competitive, our expertise in digital technologies, engineering innovation and customer centricity make us a preferred partner in the segment.

Our Service Offerings

We offer a host of highly tailored and carefully curated services that are attuned to the unique requirements of the following industries:

Case Study

Digital Transformation for a Chemical Major

A global specialty chemical company needed to ably compete with larger players by meeting aggressive growth and profitability goals. This required creating a digital platform for enriching their chemistry solutions with differentiators for amplifying the value delivered to customers and minimizing customer bids and possible attrition.

We undertook a massive consultation exercise covering over 200 interviews to obtain a 360 degree view. Based on this, an innovative platform was delivered which extended across all business segments, facilitated visual mapping of rich contextual data and supported automated inventory management. Multiple assets and technologies including IoT Hub, Azure Active Directory, Azure SQL Server, Blob Storage, CosmosDB, BLE/Bluetooth, Android/iOS and React JS/React Native were used in it.

Business Value Delivered
  • 90% reduction of rush freight and reduction in order time by 15 minute
  • Efficient management of SLOB inventory
  • Predictive and statistical analytics and high-quality service reports

Case Study

Delivering Smart Building Solutions

A Fortune 100 company that invents and manufactures technologies around global macro trends of safety, security, and energy, looked to create next-generation building solutions. This would be an overarching platform that stitched together their various building solutions and leveraged the resulting data to provide enhanced experiences to occupants and facility managers.

Starting off with a proof of concept within a controlled environment, we captured feedback from over 100 relevant stakeholders and end consumers. Accordingly, a smart buildings platform was developed. Its R&D-driven integrated ecosystem ensured all the varied technology components worked seamlessly across several building areas. It had Indoor Positioning to capture location-specific data and facilitate real-time actions such as booking conference rooms, adjusting temperature, etc. It used data generated by the building and its occupants intelligently to facilitate predictive maintenance.

Business Value Delivered
  • Direct revenue impact of US$15 Mn and pull-through of over US$100 Mn in 3 years
  • Improved safety, security and compliance, and increased visibility on building usage, and energy consumption to improve space utilization and facility planning
  • Data analytics-enabled decision-making that is faster and results in reduced maintenance costs