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Our KPIs on ESG, guided by our values help us in this journey of transformation.

Parika Mahajan Global ESG Lead

FY 22 was dedicated to strengthen our governance, integrate sustainability into our corporate strategy, and intensify our efforts towards social responsibility. It is our commitment and endeavor to incorporate sustainability into our core business decision-making processes.

Happiest Minds is built on sustainable practices and aligns with our vision of designing the company for perpetuity.

We designed and established a sustainability framework that guides us, focuses on investments and drives performance, while engaging with internal and external stakeholders.

Our priorities were identified through a sustainability materiality assessment process. It also helped us identify, calibrate, and define topics for focus. This helped us realign our ESG framework and categorize topics according to their environmental, social, or governance aspects.

Our ESG Policy is the foundation for our journey in Sustainability.

Addressing the impact of our operations across the geographies forms the core of our ESG strategy while transitioning to a low-carbon and judicious resource consumption enterprise. Corporate Governance is an integral part of our vision and therefore, all our processes and systems are governed by this.

In pursuit of our goals on sustainability, we are in the process of establishing ESG actions based on the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) and Science Based Targets (SBTi). We believe these outcomes will help us take actions which tackle practices that adversely affect our climate. Our ESG programs and initiatives are designed to incorporate target-based actions assigned to three core pillars of sustainability: economic development, social development, and environmental protection. With proactive collaboration and partnership, these will help drive sustainable transformation.

Our KPIs on environmental, social and governance, guided by our values help us in this journey of transformation while building relationships based on genuine trust with our stakeholders.