Disruptive Technology Weekly Roundup – Jul 23rd to Jul 30th

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With operational expenses surging high, PLC shrinking, resources minimizing, global supply chain has been forever varying. For enterprises to get hold of the same and draw actionable insights out of the vast pool of information floating about in both structural and non-structural data warehouses, isn’t the easiest job. In the midst of all this, how does one deliver delightful customer experience through Omnichannel retail? While decoding what drives an enterprise persona such as its goals, competencies and capabilities may make up for a side of the coin, Omnichannel retail assessment and transformation framework is another. Happiest Minds, one of the biggest drivers of disruptive technology company offers one of such cohesive frameworks that not just identifies the underlying capabilities that are needed to equip them, but also probe specific initiatives and creates a logical roadmap to realize their capabilities. A four step approach to arrive at a perfectly realistic Omnichannel roadmap includes identification, definition, assessment and recommendation., which not just assess where the gaps are, but also gives in put in terms of business capability, process effectiveness, people skills and technology needs. Read more

The story of most Fortune 500 companies are centered around the truth that today’s disruptors can easily be tomorrow’s disrupted. Organizations are increasingly cutting-off each other on the fly and colonizing each others’ markets. Amazon’s market capitalization for example, last week, edged over Walmart’s and Facebook’s, and was accounted for more than GE’s. A past few decades have seen several of technologies and inventors leading the disruptive bang. Everything from the way we eat, sleep, travel, communicate and entertain ourselves is constantly evolving. Read more to find out how they have been influenced. Read more

Sometimes an idea blooms more than you think it will when it’s brought down to practice than while at conception. Gesture-based interaction technology for instance initially did not resonate its repeatable use while it was still in the lab. When it saw the light of the day, it evolved dynamically, leveraging multi-touch interactions driven from the heart of web content management system that was quite beyond smartphones or tablets for that matter. However, the best bit was when it met with its industry customer who co-ideated and turned its in-store technology use on its head. So from product information being just up on large screens, now we are able to see it take flight further more into merchandising. This is a true story of how technology fuels innovation. Read more.


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