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With the continuous advancement in technology, enterprises have changed the way they do business. Happiest Minds always aims at helping organisations gain a competitive edge by leveraging new technologies to drive innovation, manage scalability and explore new markets. With a singular focus on Mobile, Cloud and Social technologies we can help you accelerate business transformation through a smart, secure and connected experience across Enterprise Platforms, Consumer Solutions, Data center Technologies and Internet of Things through a CONSTANT ACCESS paradigm consisting of:

CONTINUOUS SERVICES: Solutions will increasingly need to be cloud-based to ensure they are always available on-demand and can be consumed on demand

CONNECTED DEVICES: Proliferation of the number and types of devices that allows users to be continuously or intermittently connected to the internet and with one another


Enterprise Platform

With the ever changing IT initiatives Enterprises often face the ‘build vs. buy’ decision, made even more complex by the need for adding new models such as Cloud or SaaS. Happiest Minds, with enterprise platforms designed to help them reduce time-to-market and improve scalability and maintainability of solutions, makes the choice easier for them. Our Enterprise Platform broadly offers services under the following hood:

  • Business Technology Solutions
    • Transform enterprise applications to embrace new relevant technologies and business models
    • Build engaging user interfaces that are rich and device friendly
    • Technology guidance and Custom Engineering
    • Integrate new age development and testing practices
    • Enhance system interoperability and evolution
  • eLearning (student & corporate)
    • Developing next generation digital platforms for courses and textbooks
    • Building rich interactive learning player and assessment platforms
    • Adaptive analytics for learners, instructors & institutions
    • API strategy & Partner integrations

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Consumer Solutions

We are at a point of inflection where Consumer behavior and interaction points are changing the way business need to engage and conduct their operations. The disruption in existing industry value chains and economics is creating many opportunities and risks for stakeholders. Happiest Minds provides organizations with solutions to address and reach their end consumers. We work with Retailers, Media and Entertainment on building the next generation solutions, Backed by a strong portfolio of solutions around augmented reality, mobile commerce and loyalty management, Happiest Minds has helped our customers in creating Omni Channel cross platform applications spanning desktop/laptops, mobile, Smart TVs and wearable devices delivering a seamless personalized customer experiences. Our Consumer Solutions broadly offers under the following areas:

  • Commerce
    • Customer Experience
    • Mobile and online storefronts across multiple devices
    • Search and Merchandising
    • B2B and B2C Commerce Enablement
    • Virtual Trial Rooms and Augmented Reality
    • Clickstream Analytics
    • Pricing Engine
  • 360 Degree Loyalty
    • Personalization, Recommendation and Behavioral Targeting
    • Contextual Offers and Advertisements
    • Mobile Coupons and Offers
    • Gamification
    • Social Engagement
    • Location Aware and Beacon Enablement
    • Smart Displays and Signage
  • Emerging Payments
    • Contactless Payments
    • Mobile and Digital Wallets
    • Apple Pay
    • Smart Watches
    • Ordering and Payments through IOT devices
    • Automatic Replenishments                               
  • Media and Content Management
    • Content Management
    • Personalized Content Delivery
    • Videos  – Live streaming videos, Video On-demand
    • Live Events – Games,  Polls and Analytics
    • Multi Device support – mobile, tablets, smart TVs, desktop 
  • Integrations and Engineering
    • Payments and Authentication
    • Cloud and Social Integration
    • API Enablement and SDK Services
    • Testing Services
    • Security and Privacy Control
Software Defined Data Center

The perception behind Software Defined Data Center (SDDC) has undergone a dramatic change. Software Defined Networking (SDN), Network Function Virtualization (NFV) and Software Defined Storage (SDS) are the key technologies for SDDC that enable the agility and level of automation needed, backed up by hardware modularly designed with standard components, thus making it cost effective and flexible. Happiest Minds offers the following services under this hood:

  • Device Engineering
    • Hi Speed Board Design Services
    • Firmware Engineering Services
    • Switching, Routing and Storage Protocol stacks engineering including commercial and open source stack porting, enhancements and integrations.
    • Middleware and Management Agents engineering
    • Packet Processing using DPDK, Octeon, Broadcom and other GPU / NPU / ASIC based platforms.
  • Management Plane
    • SDN Controller Engineering including ONOS, OpenDayLight,
    • Orchestration and Management layer engineering
    • Open Stack Plugin Development and Integration
    • Management Protocol Engineering – Netconf, Yang, SNMP
    • Open Source and Commercial Management Framework adoption and Integration including Tail-f CONFD, Net-SNMP
  • Applications
    • SDN application development
    • Analytics and Visualization applications
    • EMS / NMS application engineering including transformation to SDN applications
    • UX / UI services
    • Analytics
    • Big Data and Analytics Platform engineering
    • Analytical and statistical algorithm development.
    • Visualization
  • Testing and DevOps
    • Manual, Automation, Performance and Security Testing
    • General purpose test framework
    • Storage Testing Frameworks
    • API Testing Framework
    • Hardware Testing lab
    • DevOps consultancy, deployment and optimizations.

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We at Happiest Minds have extensive experience in industrial automation and have worked closely with an array of global customers with a special focus on product development services for industrial monitoring, control and automation products across all layers of industrial automation. We specifically offer –

Industrial Hardware and Embedded:

  • Device, Controller, Gateway Hardware Architecture design, PCB design, FPGA design and simulation.
  • Firmware Architecture design, OS, Drivers, User interface, Test & Diagnostics, Custom software applications, Support for regulatory compliance certifications and field trails.
  • Mechanical enclosure design and Thermal engineering.

Industrial Control Platform Software:

  • Software design, development (on Microsoft, Java), sustenance and testing of Control Software Products such as SCADA and HMI systems
  • Custom Engg. Tools engineering – Plug-ins, enhancements and interoperability
  • OPC based solution developments
  • Control Products Cloud and Mobility enablement
  • Independent validation & verification and Test Automation.
  • Development of HMI on mobile devices using Windows CE, Android & iOS platform, Developing custom solutions and enablement through mobile apps on handheld devices.

 Industrial IoT / Industry 4.0:

  • Assessment services: Requirement/Cost Analysis, Solution Blue Print, Technology recommendations and Business Process modeling.
  • Connected devices: Device/ controller/ gateway Embedded design, Device specific protocol implementation, Industrial Design/ Certification.
  • Business Specific Application development: UX/UI design, Native / Web/ Responsive Application Integration with CRM/SCM/ ERP / Others, Domain Specific APP.
  • Intelligent Platforms: IoT Platform development, Platform Engineering, Custom solutions, IIoT Testing.
  • Analytics and Visualization: Edge / Real time Analytics, Predictive Analytics, Dashboard/ Visualization.


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