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Thousands of mobile applications get launched and lost every day. APPRise our mobile analytics platform, brings you an opportunity to emerge from this churning and aim high for success. As its name suggests, APPRise is an intelligent way to raise your application above the others by tracking the performance of your Mobile App. APPRise is a smart way to estimate the quality, ability and extent of an application through valuable insights on the traffic of your Mobile App. Like we address it, this ‘success enabler’ identifies the areas of improvement, hikes your sales and helps you to find and engage new unique visitors on your Mobile App.

Why APPrise

We know what keeps you up in the night and we strive to create a solution for them. APPRise is one such solution platform that enables the success of your mobile Application by knowing your users, your application and the market.

  • Know your users: The insights by APPRise about your mobile app, helps you know exactly how users are using the application.
  • Know your focus: Helps you figure out your strengths, weakness and focus area.
  • Know your business: Hike your sales, improve your business, and find more unique visitors.
  • Know how to master the market: Help reinvents marketing strategy depending upon the reports generated.
  • Know what users are up to: Paints a clear picture of the inflow traffic and helps you see how users interact with your pages so that you can build your marketing activities around it.

Features & Benefits

  • Hardware Usage Analytics
  • Image View Analytics
  • Exception Analyzer
  • Network Analytics
  • Log Analyzer
  • Remote Config of Analytics
  • Swiping Analytics
  • Screen Orientation Analytics
  • Session Analytics
  • Choose right metrics to measure
  • Easy tracking of user experience and usability
  • Plug into 3rd party analytical solution with ease
  • Capture data in online/offline scenarios
  • Canned and customized reports
  • No customer code alteration required
  • Currently supports Android OS
  • Available as on premise solution


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