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One Stop Shop for All Digital Content Brokering

Enabling real time, relevant digital asset delivery and discovery on the device, and channel of choice is imperative for creating differentiation in the digital business world. Intelligent solutions that can streamline, optimize, and manage digital experiences through content are the need of the hour. Effective enterprise content management and monetization that provides agility, dynamism, and consolidation is becoming the foundation of not only contextualized customer experiences, but also the overall enterprise digital transformation.

Happiest Minds managed Content as a Service (mCaaSTM) is a pluggable, cloud powered Digital Content Broker Solution that seamlessly integrates with transactional systems and leverages any form of standard storage and middleware. This solution empowers organizations to derive relevant information from enterprise content and digital assets in the most efficient manner by ingesting content into an AI powered engine. The platform with cognitive and AI powered chatbot features uses deep learning mechanism to learn customer behaviour and become more intelligent on the go. Natural Language Processing (NLP) and fuzzy driven intelligent search and predictive features of the mCaaSTM platform make it desirable for businesses to drive their brand- customer engagement to the next level.

mCaaSTM helps our clients to:

  • Digitize and enrich content in real time to enable effective monetization.
  • Create a single source of truth by connecting multiple data sources to enhance efficiency.
  • Transform a cost center to profit center by disrupting the traditional contact center processes.
  • Deliver contextual and most relevant information in near real time.

Offered both as a platform and a custom implementation, mCaaSTM allows organizations to manage digital assets throughout their lifecycle. By delivering a smart, seamless and connected content flow for the enterprise, this solution creates an enhanced digitals experience for end consumers, customers, employees and partners alike.mCaaS


  • Truly Digital
    • Cognitive and Elastic Search, NLP boosted
    • Knowledge Orchestration, Enrichment and segmentation, on demand
    • Graph Intelligence
    • Personalized / Contextualized Knowledge Delivery
    • Interactive End User Knowledge Consumption
  • Low Cost Of Ownership
    • No HW/SW Investments or any Capex
    • SaaS Model, Minimal Upfront Cost
    • Consumption Based Model (Use and Pay) or Fixed Fees/month, still at the fraction of cost with respect to Brick-n-Mortar KM products
    • Change Management can be bundled in, providing insulation to Huge Change costs
  • Ease of Adoption
    • Knowledge Any time, Anywhere [truly Omni channel, omni-device]
    • Enterprise and Community Based Collaboration
    • Large Rich Text Content Sharing
    • Provide View to Graphical Data
    • Single Knowledge Dashboard, self learning
    • Supports both Push and Pull, Seamless On-boarding
  • Time to Market
    • Go-Live Within 4 Weeks
    • Rapid Capabilities Delivered
    • All Modules Under Single Platform And Release Management
    • Allows Plug-n-Play customization, in less than half the time taken by traditional KM Products
  • Support and Future extensions
    • Complimentary 24/7 Support (if needed)
    • New Features and Capability Roll Out Can Come Complimentary
    • Integration With K-System
    • Hadoop Based Distributed Processing Of Large Sets Of Data


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