Disruptive Technology Weekly Roundup – Aug 13th to Aug 19th

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The idea of disruptive technology is addressing a market with a product that hasn’t been served before. It’s with disruption that you surge ahead and find better ways to innovate, which will in turn help you justify your ROI in the long run. The best example is how Apple Inc’s share pricing surging up, ever since its disruptive technology product – iphone was introduced into the market. Some of the most important disruptive technologies that are out there, being apparent, that you have to focus on are: 3D printing, IoT and Medical Technology. However, understanding what they are is just one side of the coin, the other side being how to intelligently harness it. Read more:

Financial innovation is at the centre of the corporate universe today. Banking has transformed to become one of the most digitalized industries in the world than ever before with new disruptions and digital re-imagination surfacing each day. Banks, however face increasing pressure on returns, while challenged by regulators to simplify their business models, and hampered by legacy systems are relative by-standers in these areas. But new can they bring in to break this already advance clutter? How can they introduce something so complex that it would be the most simple to use?. Read more

Cloud computing is not something entirely new to this era, but not necessarily, its applications. Optimizing cloud technologies can help enhance operational flexibility, platform efficiencies, business transparency and enterprise scalability and get the content to users as quickly as possible. Cloud computing sets a homogenous standard to technology, simplifies software licenses and automates SDLC and adopts open-source opportunity successfully. While pay-as-you-go models, business agility, non-intrusion integration and resilience are features, they are Cloud’s biggest benefits too. Disruptive technology conglomerate Happiest Minds, an expert in Cloud computing helps enterprises make the most out of the Cloud through its series of advisory services, transformation & integration services and sustenance & optimization services. Read more

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