About: Priya Kanduri

is the Senior Vice President & CTO, IMSS, at Happiest Minds Technologies. With over 20 years of experience in the IT Security domain, Priya’s expertise spreads across Cyber Risk, Cloud Security, Data Privacy and Protection, Access Governance, Risk, and Compliance. She has carved her way up to become one of the women leaders representing the management council of the organization. Priya was also recognized as the “Visionary Women Leaders 2019” by the Business APAC magazine and received the “Women in Tech” award at the 19th Edition of the Asia Pacific HRM Congress for 2021.

Priya’s current work involves planning and developing Next-Gen Managed Security Platforms offering Proactive Threat Detection, Security Automation, Data-Centric Security, and Governance for the new age of digital customers. Her sensibility and compassionate nature have made her one of the organization's most respected and followed leaders.

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