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The healthcare industry is one of the more traditional industries and owing to the criticality of its operations has typically approached change cautiously. However, there has been a recognizable shift towards a patient centric model where all other constituents of the healthcare ecosystem work in collaboration to drive improved outcomes for the patient. One of the key enablers of this change has been the emergence of disruptive technologies like AI, ML, AR and VR which have made accurate, precise and customized personal care possible resulting in overall improved healthcare outcomes.

Happiest Minds with its digital DNA has helped several companies build next generation healthcare products, platforms and digital health systems that are driving transformative change. With our proven track record in the healthcare and health tech markets combined with our strong understanding of disruptive technologies, we can be the engineering partner that helps you create future ready solutions that provide you a competitive edge.


Patient Experience

Digital health has been a true disruptor and the ubiquity of connected devices along with the emergence of IoMT (Internet of Medical Things) has fundamentally transformed how patients seek care, interact with healthcare providers, monitor progress, and manage recovery. This has been made possible by new age health tech companies that are disrupting the industry with new business models by placing the patient right in the center and building a supportive ecosystem that can provide real time tracking, monitoring and continuous health care solutions.

We help such companies with –

  • Wearables & IOT for tracking fitness and health parameters
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Tele Consultation
  • Apps for personalized recommendations and continuous engagement
  • Crowdsourcing of reviews and recommendations, support groups and advice

With the patient being placed in the center of the healthcare ecosystem, there are several providers competing to win a patient’s patronage. As a result, providers are now required to offer a seamless experience from check-in to recovery which apart from being the best-in-class must also be personalized and tailored to the unique needs of each patient. Towards this end, providers are leveraging the connected ecosystem to be able to provide better patient management as well as optimize operations so they can make the most of existing resources while providing better care outcomes.

We help Providers with –

  • Patient Monitoring, Remote Consultation and Chronic Patient care
  • Appointments, Scheduling and Marketing
  • Blockchain based Secure Supply Chains
  • Smart Building, Asset Monitoring and Utilization
  • AI driven predictive solutions to help in proactive care

In the world of healthcare, the time taken to respond to an emergency, or a medical ailment can be the difference between life and death. Digital technologies can play a crucial role in reducing the time taken for processing insurance from a couple of days to perhaps a couple of hours. Not surprisingly, many Payers are in the midst of modernizing their core so they can  provide better, more timely and efficient member experiences while maximizing outcomes.

We help Payers with –

  • CRM, Customer Experience
  • Analytics-AI driven claims workflow
  • Policy administration and pricing
  • Population Health
  • eCommerce and Comparisons
Compliance and Security

The importance of compliance in the healthcare industry cannot be underestimated as it governs the relationship between the patients and the healthcare providers. It is highly important to maintain the sanctity of medical records and there are various regulations such as HIPAA and several others around the world that are designed to do just that.  All the constituents in the healthcare ecosystem are required to strictly follow government regulations covering data protection, privacy, regulatory approvals, and certification.

We help companies with –

  • Secure Product development
  • Cloud Security and Dev Sec Ops
  • Compliance with country specific regulations related to PHI (Patient Health Information)


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