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The Healthcare & Life Sciences industry is one of the more traditional industries and owing to the criticality of its operations has typically approached change cautiously. However, there has been a recognizable shift towards a patient centric model where all other constituents of the ecosystem need to collaborate tightly to achieve the common goal of improving outcomes & reducing cost. One of the key enablers of this change has been the emergence of disruptive technologies such as Gen AI, ML, Cloud, LCAP & Blockchain which have made delivering accurate, precise, and personalized care a possibility.

Happiest Minds with its digital DNA has helped several companies build next generation products, platforms and connected apps that are driving transformative change. With our proven track record in Healthcare & Life Sciences across multiple markets combined with our strong understanding of disruptive technologies, we can help our clients from the healthcare world bridge the digital chasm and create future ready solutions that are primed to drive better outcomes.



Healthcare providers are plagued by challenges like increasing care cost, lower participation, and burnouts. This is further exacerbated by high non-adherence among the population and new reimbursement models that continue to mount pressure on healthcare providers.

With focus towards driving outcomes at lowered costs and optimized resource usage, enterprises today are aiming to build an integrated ecosystem to support the entire continuum of care from pre-hospitalization to post-discharge. Happiest Minds has been supporting healthcare provider entities in personalizing interactions, generating insights to facilitate care, enable Symantec data exchange and reduce administrative workloads. Our service offerings include:

  • Digital Front Door – Enabling digital interactions & personalizing micro-moments across the customer journey.
  • Connecting Enterprises – Facilitating coordination, semantic interoperability & enabling continuous monitoring.
  • Hospital at Home – Empowering providers to deliver care beyond hospitals and enabling care at home.
  • Digital Workplace – Scaling operational efficiency via automation, streamlining front office & back-office connectivity, and optimizing infrastructure.
  • Data & Analytics – Driving outcomes by unifying data to predict needs, gaps & personalize experiences.
  • Cybersecurity – Ensuring cybersecurity across the enterprise to confirm with regulatory mandates.
Life Sciences

Life sciences companies are investing in disruptive digital technologies to accelerate their novel targeted therapeutic research programs. In addition, they are invested in driving better patient outcomes & experiences, while improving time to market & achieving process efficiencies. The last few years have seen a significant uptick in patient centric technologies & digital solutions with AI powered insights, mobility, cloud computing, IoT & sensor technology, and intelligent automation. This has resulted in widespread change across the value chain cutting across R&D processes, manufacturing & supply chain, or commercial operations.

Happiest Minds is a partner of choice to Global Biopharma, CRO, Life Sciences research consortia and Lab Technology providers to accelerate digital innovation, streamline processes, elevate stakeholder experiences, while improving their overall security and compliance posture. We help Life Sciences organizations in –

  • Delivering Digital Front Door services to enable unified & connected experiences for patients & HCPs.
  • Enabling Decentralized Clinical Trial ecosystem implementation.
  • Creating Labs of the future.
  • Enhancing Launch & Commercial Performance from product to customer experience.
  • Ensuring secure, resilient, and connected Manufacturing & Supply chain operations.
  • Data Democratization and scale up of AI-Analytics
  • Adopting Smart Infrastructure & Cybersecurity

The MedTech industry faces many challenges in the current healthcare landscape. In addition to sector-specific issues such as regulatory changes, cyberthreats, and supply chain disruptions, it also must adapt to the shift in healthcare trends such as value-based care, enhance patient experiences, deliver personalized care and home-based care. These challenges are demanding the MedTech companies to accelerate innovation, scale digital infrastructure, deploy robust processes, and comply with stringent regulations.

We at Happiest Minds collaborate with MedTech customers and help them in various areas to enhance their product portfolio, automate workflows, assure quality, and secure data. Our service offerings include –

  • Medical device design & development (ISO 13485, IEC62304, IEC60601, IEC62366).
  • Independent verification, validation.
  • Digital manufacturing and supply chain optimization.
  • Connected solutions and app development.
  • Medical data security and privacy (HIPAA, GDPR).
  • Improving outcomes through artificial intelligence and data analytics.


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