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The Travel & Hospitality sector has witnessed tremendous changes in the recent years. Customers plan their travel and stay using multiple channels expecting a personalized, engaging and smart experience. The travel enterprises are facing constant challenges in tackling the intensified competition and concentrating on increased conversion without compromising on quality.

Happiest Minds Technologies has crafted a unique blend of services and solutions addressing the various sub-segments in the travel industry – Airline, Hotels, Cruise, Tour Operators, Distributors and Transportation & Logistic companies. Our services are  to enable OmniChannel of customer experience, increasing business efficiency using technology pillars of Internet of Things, Cloud computing, Social computing, Mobility and Analytics. Our Solutions also caters to Infrastructure and Security Management Solutions for Risk and Compliance, Threat & Remediation, Cyber Security.



Seamless Customer Experience is the demand from all the traveler. Whether it is Domestic travel or International travel, Airline travelers interact with airlines using variety of devices, modes and location demographics. Happiest Minds have developed an OmniChannel Customer Experience methodology for Airlines, which evaluates customer experience at different stages like pre-booking, booking, check in, during flight, luggage tracking and post flight connect.

Using Analytics Happiest Minds have built solutions for ticket cancellation fraud tracking, predicting cancellations so that airlines can:

  • Increase Revenue
  • Improve Operational Efficiency
  • Manage Risk
  • Analytics & Business Intelligence

Travelers today use multiple channels before choosing a destination. It is becoming a challenge for hoteliers/service provider to manage their brand reputation, initiate Personalisation by understanding customer sentiments and resolve issues proactively. Happiest Minds Technologies has crafted a unique blend of services and solution to understand customer 360 to improve customer experience as well build business efficiency

Happiest Minds also provides innovative solutions using IoT technologies to take customer experience at next level. The managed security and infrastructure services provide complete security and hosting solutions for Hospitality industry:

  • Digital Advisory Sales Platform (DASP) for Customer Experience & Engagement
  • Analytics & Business Intelligence
  • Cloud Business Solutions
  • Mobility Solutions
  • Social Computing
  • Add Security and Infrastructure Services from IMSS site
Customer Communication & Data Insights

The advent of the Web world has opened wide opportunities for Service Providers to communicate with their customers and understand their preferences through Data Insights leads. This results in giving a better service experience and support during travel issues to the customers. Happiest Minds has outlined some important solutions and services that will boost the Hospitality business to a different level:

  • DASP to Digital Assisted Selling Platform
  • Personalized Communication
  • Automated Data Analytics
  • Promotion & Offers Analytics
  • Social Integration
Omni-Channel Experience

Travel & Hospitality and Omni-Channel Experience goes hand-in-hand. Omni-channel is about providing a seamless experience in a travel cycle irrespective of the multiple modes of interactions. Omni-Channel allows enterprises to see through the eyes of the customer and deliver better customer experience. We offer Omni-channel Solutions for the following:

  • Website & Mobile Enablement
  • Channel Integration
  • Kiosk Integration
  • DASP for Unified View of Customers & Products
  • Security & Infrastructure Management
  • Use of IoT for improving Customer Experience
Connected & Smart Enterprise

Today’s smart customers interact with Service Providers through multiple modes, mobile, tablet, web, social media, etc. Enterprises therefore have to be on their toes for imparting a flawless experience in a travel cycle, this is only possible if an Enterprise is Connected & Smart. Our Connected & Smart Enterprise Solutions include the following:

  • Application Integration
  • Enterprise Communication Bus
  • Social Media Connect
  • Cloud Infrastructure Management
  • Data & Security Management
  • Social Integration
Mobility Solutions

The deep penetration to smartphone usage has made people dependent more on the devices. Mobile phones give anytime, anywhere access of information to the end users. Happiest Minds Mobility Solutions helps Travel and Hospitality Enterprises serve their customers in the smartest ways. We offer:

  • Automated Notification
  • Self-Serve Request
  • Loyalty Reward
  • Airport & City Navigation with Augmented Reality
  • Offer booking to local ancillary services
  • Make mobile payment
  • Gamification
  • Distribute Digital Coupons
Security and Infrastructure Transformation

Volatility is likely to remain constant with a new phase of globalization. Keeping pace with the rapid market changes while ensuring that business growth stays on track is possible today only with the support of next generation technology. Not only can these new technologies drive operational excellence and predictable business operations through a standards-based delivery model, it can also help facilitate innovation. Either by moving to cloud-based applications, mobile-enabling the workforce, optimizing the IT infrastructure or securing the workplace, enterprises need the support of an expert technology partner to help them navigate the various complexities involved.

Infrastructure services

  • Service Desk
  • NOC Services – Server , Network , Storage , Database, Backup / Archival , Asset Management, Vendor Management
  • Data base Monitoring and Management
  • Cloud Operations Monitoring and Management
  • Mobility / BYOD Monitoring and Management
  • Big Data Provisioning and Management

Security Services

  • Security Device & Event Management
  • Log Monitoring and Management
  • IT Risk Office ( Risk , Compliance – Archer )
  • User Access Mgmt. ( Audit , Assurance )
  • App security, Threat & Vulnerability Management
  • File Integrity Management
  • Integrated Data Base Security
  • Advanced Malware Security
  • Network Forensics


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