Disruptive Technology Weekly Roundup – Aug 5th to Aug 11th

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Enterprises the world over, are taking a re-stab at their operating models to ensure that they deliver innovative solutions, which would in turn help their stakeholders to perform way better. CIOs should look at addressing three main pressing issues in general which could be the growing demand of their services, lack of governance in some organizations and continued security concerns. Read more:

‘The future is already here, it’s just not very evenly distributed’ is a very famous quote by William Gibson, and true. The case with how we look at disruptive technologies shouldn’t be too different too. Its attention is something every nook that requires innovation deserves. For example – areas of government such as public safety, health, transportation. By combining digital, social, mobile, geographic, public’s expectation and what the government has to offer is changing sizably. Read more:

An Omnichannel experience does not necessarily entirely revolve around customers. While needless to say, customers play a big role in how Omnichannel plays out successfully, there are more protagonists too. Some of them being The Store Associate, Customer Service Associate, Supply Chain Staff, Marketing Managers etc..Decoding the perfect Omnichannel strategy to harness it to increase customer experience, although is key, isn’t a cakewalk, unless you have an austere Omnichannel framework in place – such as that of Happiest Minds’. Happiest Minds’ Omnichannel framework which involves a 4 step approach (Identification, Definition, Assessment and Recommendation) would help add value to the CX more efficiently. Read more:


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