Disruptive Technology Weekly Roundup – Jul 18th to Jul 22nd

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Unlike before, technology conglomerates are not just focusing on digital transformation from an enterprise-strategy point of view, but are working backwards from gauging customer satisfaction, letting it drive their business initiatives. This is principally carried out through functions such as Personalized Product Recommendations,which is increasingly becoming imperative to enable customer engagement strategy with the goal of making them evangelists in the long-run. Brands are looking to touch base with customer attributes such as their interests, hobbies, customer similarities and comments. Happiest Minds, a digital technology conglomerate propelling with disruptive technology as its fuel sees it no differently. The company analyzes multiple sources of data like Social Media, CRM, PoS, External Sources and Geo Positions to land the right products and their combinations for its clientele through a host of parameters such as demographic information, product association rules, social and click stream processes. Read more

Disruptive technology has been constantly evolving to cater to dynamically changing enterprise models. Organizations are increasingly understanding the fact that instead of first deciding on what products they want to give sales-priority, they need to work backwards right from identifying customer problems so they can at once find solutions for the same. One of the companies who have been actively making this a practice is LumenLab – Metlife’s first of the kind innovation centre launched in Singapore that would seek to develop capabilities across health, digital, data analytics and innovation. Read more

The principal reason why even large organizations fail to gauge future technology is because their enterprise models are more aligned to a linear view of technology advancement rather than the historic view. To put it in perspective, a century from now, we won’t experience a century’s progress of disruptive technology, but maybe 20,000 years’ affect. The moment you peep through this lens, the opportunities, future and threats to you, the way you live your life and your business methodologies take a whole different course. Read more to find out how the future of disruptive technologies is not digital, but beyond that. Read more

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