Disruptive Technology Weekly Roundup – Jul 31st to Aug 4th

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Formulating policies in unchartered terrain can be a sketchy initiative, considering varying demographics, disruptive technology travelling at the speed of light and shrinking PLC’s. It also gets increasingly challenging from an economical perspective with income inequality, national debts and recession. All of this would increase the interest rate on the horizon, making it harder to bring about disruptive technologies into the market than ever before. Apart from the economical hurdles that act like speed-breakers on the disruptive technology journey, there is a host of political challenges as well. With social media being on its toes and an instantaneous outlet of public opinion and expression on the fly, brand images spread across continents like wildfire. All this and more is giving away to a newer delivery model which is more to do with than money or funding. Read more

Disruptive technology today goes way beyond justifying enterprise ROI or bringing about products or services that change the dynamics of businesses. With the outburst of SMAC technologies, technologies have been used to better social conditions as well. Blockchain Technology for instance is one of them that is increasingly gaining traction across the globe. Blockchain is the public ledger of bitcoin transactions, which are stored and verified by a network of computers solving complex algorithms, and is seen as a potentially disruptive technology in various sectors. Read more

With increasing resource costs, shrinking PLC, varying compliance, increasing operational efficiency isn’t the easiest of tasks today. Enterprises need an interface that seamlessly merges development and operations into one. An intelligent, intuitive system that fastens deployment cycles, reduce turn-around times and enhance operational excellence across mobile, cloud and enterprise platforms and have a productive lifecycle between customers, operations and business development. Happiest Minds, one of the drivers of disruptive technologies presents you with ‘DevOps‘. Its 7C’s framework standardizes development environments and enables flexible automation without any manual intervention at the command-level, allowing better continuous deployment for both, multi-focus and multi-functional apps across mobile, enterprise and Cloud. Read more


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