Disruptive Technology Weekly Roundup – Jun 29th to Jul 5th

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Technology has been a game-changer since time immemorial. But with that comes disruption. As newer technology innovations kick in and mould the way we do things and open up newer possibilities, the conventional business models become redundant and overthrown. The case with electricity is no different. The Senior Vice President of Meralco discusses the electric industry to embrace change. Read more

One of the most critical steps for bringing innovation to newer hardware for wearables and IoT is ensuring that the ideal supply chains are in place. Companies are increasingly working with product, manufacturing and materials conglomerates to propel this and air customers to get started. What’s most important to get ahead of the curve is a strong IP portfolio and a scalable electronics production process. Learn how FlexEnable has been making it work for them: Read more

Newer technologies are already dynamically changing the way people live their lives. That being said, disruptive technologies can throw both, challenges and opportunities. To harness it for the best, it’s important for organizations to enable disruption from technologies to play out within a pre-structured framework in such a way that would benefit people. Learn about Cubic’s NextCity’s vision in mind. Read more 

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