Disruptive Technology Weekly Roundup – June 15th to June 21st.

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What the world is talking about Disruptive Technology!

At GE, disruptive technology is an indispensable element that helps for seamless integration of network sensors, hardware and software in pretty much everything the company involves itself in. Be it GE’s aircraft engines, gas turbines, or electric grids, centering disruptive technology between them provides predictive value to its clients. With technologies like SMAC surfacing and changing the way processes and people work on daily basis, companies are able to predict failure points even before they occur. Read more.

Can innovation itself be disruptive? More often than not. Let’s forget for a moment that disruptive technologies have to be closely related to IT. Take for e.g. the 21st century Silk Road, the goods train that will travel 13,000 km, all the way from China to Spain – that is innovation right there, not just because it saves cost and time, but it increases the trade volume between the two counties, which will bare positive impacts on each other for a long time. Read more

Disruptive technology is often only associated with startups. However, the truth being that it can create newer markets and value networks from ground zero, overthrowing existing technologies in the process. One of the most renowned Harvard Professor of Business Administration talks about how some established firms fail by not measuring up with technologies with their competition in the same sector. Read more


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