Disruptive Technology Weekly Roundup – June 8th to June 14th.

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Here is the curated news for you from the world of Disruptive Technology

Companies today, especially for the start-ups, it dawns upon them as more of a responsibility to stay ahead of the competitive curve through continuous disruptive innovation. However, living in the age of SMAC technologies, the CXOs should see this more as an opportunity than a cost for their organizations to harness how disruption will work for them across their portfolio of products and services. Read more

Companies today are increasingly missing a magnificent point. It’s that, not many executives live their lives and see the world like we do, and that they are compelled to think of the shareholders before anybody else. Also, in the midst of that long to-do list, they somehow over see the changing intrinsic customer attitudes that invariably get aligned with evolving disruptive technologies, which is what will eventually justify their ROI. Read more

Disruptive technology is a phrase that has seemingly more to do with corporate propaganda than anything else. However, this maybe an understated truth, mostly owing to the fact that technology can be leveraged universally for aspects outside the boundaries of only businesses. Arun Kumar Singh, the assistant professor and moderator of the National Technology Mission believes it’s time to harness disruptive technology to pave the way for accelerated development of the country in all fields. Read more

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