Disruptive Technology Weekly Roundup – May 25th to 31st

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Here is the curated news for you from the world of Disruptive Technology

Can the Cloud facilitate interoperability?

Athenahealth’s CEO Jonathan Bush claims that disruptive technology would kick-start an age of healthcare sophistication, especially with internet around. Have you heard of the term ‘level three interoperation’? It’s the outcome of two cloud-based systems connected once and that supports multiple interoperations that is aimed at achieving way more than just data sharing. The healthcare market powered by the cloud in the U.S and Europe is thought to grow between 10-30 % by 2020 to $3.5 billion. Read more

The next disruptive technology

The digital universe is expected to double every year to reach 44 trillion gigabytes by 2020. The company says this is enough memory to stretch a stack of tablets between the earth and the moon more than six and a half times. Fintech is a rapidly growing niche that evolved from the field of Big Data. It can be loosely described as an emerging technology using software to provide and automate financial services. Read more and connect the dots. Read More

4 disruptive technologies that will make or break your business

Risk and returns are two sides of the same coin. Indispensably coexisting as both, the cause and effect. We’re aware these two forces are what drives a business forward. Now, with the advent of SMAC technologies, enterprises world-wide have been breaking the clutter to gain market-share or elevate brand loyalty or push sales. So is this set of disruptive technologies a gift or a curse? Read more

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