Disruptive Technology Weekly Roundup – Sep 10th to Sep 15th

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Adopting disruptive technologies is easier said than done for conventional enterprises. But what if their business models are compatible to disrupt the disruption? Survivors are companies who are willing to risk their existence and disrupt themselves! Disruptive technologies are meant to amend how companies operate in future. While disruption can bring great competition to the marketplace, they bring with them a host of customer benefits too, sort of overthrowing traditional business models. What are the benefits and how are the traditional enterprises to cope up with the same? Read here:

Businesses the world over are being bombarded with opportunities harnessed by disruptive technologies today. Right from mobility, cloud computing, digitalization, big data analytics, you name it. It has started to transform procedures, processes and radically transform lives. Statistics state that over 2-3 billion people more would have ready access to internet by 2025. And that the aftermath of an economy powered by automated knowledge would exceed $ 7 trillion by then. What are companies to make out of these figures? Read more:

Enterprise security landscapes are increasingly faced with responsibilities to dynamically deploy methods to counter security breaches brought out by disruptive technologies such as cloud computing, mobility, big data analytics and social media. While the need to employ the latter is indispensable to live up to the current state of enterprise affairs, if the security is so much as overlooked, it could bring out great damage to enterprises’ intellectual properties in the long run. Companies should therefore invest a robust chunk on security risk management by employing strategies, analysis, monitoring to bring about holistic situational awareness on the fly. This by far is the only way to keep up with escalated threat landscape via targeted attacks, regulatory compliance, risk mitigation and business agility.

Happiest Minds, one of the pioneers of driving disruptive technologies forward for their clients, has an engagement model that offers end to end security advisory services and transformation services that assist enterprises to evolve disruptive technologies, managed security services and also maintain regulatory compliance, all through their comprehensive security as a service offering. Read more:

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