How is Security of the Data, Scalability and Availability Ensured in SaaS

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SaaS – Do you have the 3 dimensional superpower yet?

SaaS as we know it, powers enterprises worldwide with a host of benefits – entrepreneurial, economical and operational. While reduced time, lower costs, auto upgrades, ease of use and proof of concepts are indeed some of the advantages of enabling a SaaS solution, there is a highly significant three dimensional lead it leverages that cannot be ignored, mostly because they are the ones that make the business world go around. They are:

Data security:

Conventional software requires enterprises to implement an expensive automated solution to back up critical data at least on a weekly basis to safe guard it, which can be a tiresome process. SaaS solutions eliminates this painstaking task, enabling automatic backups without manual intervention and ensuring integrity of the data at all times.

Perpetual Availability:

There is no guarantee of virtue of performance as far as traditional software frameworks are considered. With SaaS on board, your applications would be available for you at any time, any place and on any device. There is only a 0.5% change of delivery delay and most SaaS vendors would pay a penalty in case there is any dissatisfaction on the delivery.


SaaS leverages enterprises with the option to scale indefinitely to meet and exceed customer demand, especially in a multi-tenant architecture. The fact that SaaS providers also offer customization capabilities to meet specific needs, makes SaaS an ideal framework to align the architecture to business models.

SaaS is gaining ground at such a pace that its appeal has spread beyond small and midsized organizations and is renowned to be a third of all business applications after 2012 according to Garner. This trend prompts and propels software providers to swap their traditional server model for an on-demand, economical, transparent, scalable, secure computing approach which is SaaS!

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