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With increasing vehicle size in the luxury segment and crunching parking space, traffic congestion is increasingly becoming an alarming concern in almost all major cities around the world. Burning about a million barrels of the world’s oil every day, and considering cities are turning urban without a well-planned, convenience-driven retreat from the cars, these problems will only worsen.

Smart Parking systems is one of the latest disruptive technologies that help address this problem by generating real time contextual information about the available parking spaces particular geographical area to accommodate vehicles low-cost sensors, mobility-enabled automated payment systems, real-time data collection, Smart Parking systems is designed to aid drivers to precisely find a spot.

What’s more, Smart Parking also minimizes emissions from vehicle in urban centers when deployed as a system by decreasing the dependency of people;  unnecessarily circling the blocks trying to identify parking space. Apart from this green cause, by employing a host of technologies such as M2M telematics, Smart Parking helps resolve one of the biggest problems when driving around in urban areas – which is illegal parking and identifying free parking space.

Happiest Minds, the disruptive technology conglomerate, with its analytics, technology and enterprise acumen in place, is penchant at enabling Smart Parking Solutions such as Parking Assistance Systems. Parking Assistance Systems put together a seamless conjuncture of three modules (monitor, control & display), ambient light sensors, health-indicator, centralized supervisory systems, ensures the company’s clientele leverage the best business benefits in the market landscape of emerging parking trends.

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