Predictions of Big Data in 2015

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Technology never ceases to surprise us. Year after year, we run into them or they run in to us to make our lives a tad easier, efficient or more meaningful. The case with Big Data couldn’t be wide off the mark too. A lot of things crowd my mind when I think of the avatar of Big Data in 2015 and how its infinite scope is maybe going to affect the folk who’ve probably not even heard of it. That said, as with predictions, it’s always best to consider them as predictions. So if one of it doesn’t come true, then remember to turn to the crystal ball. So, here we go:

Big Data economy would hit a mark of $125 billion

This sum collated by International Data Corporation (IDC) is estimated to be a total of revenue collected by vendors who deal with software, hardware and services to let other businesses implement big data strategies.

IoT will be a commercial hero

There are millions of objects, living and non-living micro-connected together, to be called Internet of Things (IoT). While some are trivial, the others have significant practical value. So don’t be shocked if you run into somebody wearing smart-glasses and sipping on an espresso at your local cafe.

Machines may have more EQ than us

There’s a good chance that 2015 would see machines making better decisions than humans. Although Big Data, today, acts more like a local guardian to the decisions people make, this is subject to change with the amount of global investment in machine-learning.

Textual analysis will get more popular

Much of the data that has been going around today are unstructured. Over the last couple of years, textual analysis has become so popular that computers soon would be more equipped to read a text and spot its sentiment and theme.

Data Visualization Tool to take over

Data Visualization Tool employs a specialized software which is crafted to curate visualizations from raw information, making it easier to connect the dots between cause and effect. This year would see a lot more use of this tool as it is predicted to grow over 25 times more than other BI products.

Privacy paranoia to strike

Breaches have trailed behind the biggest giants like Apple, Sony and Snapchat to disrupt their security equilibrium. However, that’s not stopping the public from taking a step forth to share their private information on social media and other web services. Before we know it, there would be such a devastating hack or information leak that people would undergo a paradigm shift about the risk involved in making their private data go public.

Real-time analysis

Real-time analysis is a process of offering information about business operations as they occur. Real time means near to zero latency and access to information whenever it is required.Business transactions as they occur are fed to a real-time analysis system that maintains the current state of the enterprise.

In-memory data processing

In-memory data processing is an approach to demand data when it resides in a RAM, as opposed to demanding data that is stored on physical disks. This results in immensely reduced demand response times, allowing business to take faster decisions.

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